Little boy plane Pedro (6) 完 [Little boy plane Pedro]

Little boy plane Pedro (6) 完

Back at the home airport, Pedro's parents searched the empty skies in vain.
They saw blackness gather over the mountain peaks, and knew that it meant a storm.

The hours passed, but there was no sign of their little son, Pedro.

From the signal tower lights combed the sky.
At last they went out, and the tower slept.

The papa and mama planes strained to see through the fog, but their eyes blinked sadly.
Their brave little son was goneーanother martyr to the mail service.

Poor little fellow, and on his first flight, too !

Suddenly a distant of sound caught their ears.
They looked up hopefully.

The eyes of tower opened, and searchlights flashed into the sky.

It couldn't beーbut, yes it was Pedro!
He hit the runway headfirst, and bounced along upside down.
But he had made it!

His parents taxied out to meet him. 

" Pedro ! Petey, boy, are you all right ? " the mama and papa planes cried.

As the serchlight beamed on him, Pedro opened his eyes, smiled wearily.

" Ahem ! It may not have been exactly a three-point landing, " said the proud papa plane, " but he did fulfill his mission. Pedro did the most important thing. He brought the mail through. "

Pedro wiggled one wing, and his papa unhooked the mailbag and opened it.

There was one card inside.

The papa plane looked at it.

" ESta divertiendome, " it read. " Having a wonderful time. "

" Hmmm, " said the papa plane.
" Well, it might have been important. And he did bring in the mail. "

Pedro nodded his sleepy head and smiled.

And so the papa plane, the mama plane, and little Pedro flew happily ever after.

And in time, Pedro became the most famous plane ever to fly the route from Santiago to Mendoza !

(おわり 6/6)

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