The Elves and the Shoemaker (2) [Elves and Shoemaker]

The Elves and the Shoemaker (2)

Early next morning he found the four pairs finished, beautifully; and so it went on.

Whatever he cut out in the evening was finished by morning.

The Shoemaker was soon making a good living again, and became a well-to-do man.

One evening, not long before Christmas, when he had cut out some shoes as usual, the shoemaker said to his wife,  "How would it be if we were to sit up tonight to see who it is that lends us such a good helping hand ? "

The wife agreed, and lighted a candle.
They hid themselves in the corner of the room, behind some clothes which were hanging there.

At midnight two little men came in through the window and sat down at the shoemaker's table.

They took up the work lying cut out before them and began to stitch, sew, and hammer with their tiny fingers and tiny toos.

They did this all so neatly and quickly that the shoemaker could not believe his eyes.

The elves did not stop working till everything stood finished on the table.
Then they ran quickly away.

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