The Elves and the Shoemaker (3) 完 [Elves and Shoemaker]

The Elves and the Shoemaker (3) 完

The next day the wife said,
" These little elves have made us rich. We are no longer hungry, and we ought to thank them.
They run about with so little onーthey must be freezing cold.
I'll make them little shirts, coats, and trousers.
I'll even knit each of them a cap and a pair of stockings, and you shall make them each a pair of shoes. "

The husband agreed.

By evening, they had all these presents ready.
They laid on the table two tiny green suits, finely knit red stockings and caps, and shining pair of little leather shoes.

Then they hid themselves, to see how the elves would receive these.

At midnight the elves came skipping in, and were about to set to work.
But, instead of finding leather ready, they found the beautiful little clothes.

At first they acted only surprised, but then greatly delighted.

As quickly as they could, they put on the little shirts, coats, and trousers, the stockings and caps, and the shoes.

They smoothed them down and neat.

" Now we're boys so fine and neat, Why cobble more for others' feet ? "

They hopped and danced about, and leaped over the chairs and table.

Then they ran away through the window.

From the time on, they were not seen again in the shoemaker's shop.

But the shoemaker did well as long as he lived, and was lucky in everything he undertook.

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