Sleeping Beauty (3) [Sleeping Beauty]

Sleeping Beauty (3)

The king was still worried about his daughter's safety.

He ordered every spinning wheel in the kingdom to be burned.

Then, he and Queen sadly agreed to the fairy godmother's plan to protect Aurora until her sixteenth birthday had passed...

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather renamed the Princess, Briar Rose.

They took her far away to a little cottage in the woods.

There, the fairies put away their magic wands.

They disguised themselves as peasant woman so that Maleficent wouldn't be able to find them.

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As the years passed, Maleficent kept searching for the Princessーbut she never found her.

As the Princess' sixteenth birthday drew nearer, Maleficent sent her trusted pet raven to try and find her.

It was Maleficent's last chance...

The morning of Briar Rose's birthday came.

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