Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (19) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (19)

The next morning, the genie appeared and said to Aladdin, " Your palace is built. Do you want to visit it ? "

The young man was stupefied with this speed, but he noddedand second later he was transported to the palace.

It was exactly as he had commanded...but ten times larger, ten times more astonishing and more dazzling !

When he went inside, Aladdin noticed that numerous people were already busy: room maids, cooks, servants and guards.

Everyone made a deep bow when they saw him pass.

He could see the sultan's palace from the front window.
it was right across from his, as he had wished, with a long avenue in between.

The princess could easily see her father every day, even after she was married.

Aladdin was enchanted and thanked the genie warmly.


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