Water baby Tom (4) [Water baby Tom]

Water baby Tom (4)

And she turned away and through a gate into the meadow.

Grimes rushed after her, shouting, " You come back ! "

But when he got into the meadow the woman was not there.
There was no place to hide in, but look where he would, she was not there.

They had gone three miles and more, and came to Sir John's lodge-gates.
Grimes rang at the gate, and out came a keeper on the spot and opened.

They walked up a great lime avenue, a full mile long, and between their stems Tom peeped trembling at the horns of the sleeping deer, which stood up among the ferns.


Tom had never seen such enormous trees, and as he looked up he fancied that the blue sky rested on their head.

" I wish I were a keeper, " said Tom, " to live in such a beautiful place, and wear green velveteens and have a real dog-whistle at my button, like you. "

The keeper laughed ; he was a kind-hearted fellow.


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