Little Red Riding Hood (5 完) [Little Red Riding Hood]

Little Red Riding Hood (5 完)

The huntsman looked inside and saw the Wolf lying in the bed, fast asleep, his belly full.


"Oh, the old woman was eaten up by the Wolf, " he cried.

The huntsman, who had long been hunting the Wolf, took his rifle and was about to shoot when it occurred to him the Wolf might have eaten the old woman, and she still might be saved.  

Then he took his hunting knife and cut open the Wolf's stomach.

Immediately, Little Red Riding Hood sprang out, saying, " Oh, it was so dark in there. "
Then Grandmother slowly climbed out, shaky but alive.

The huntsman went off with the Wolf's skin and Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood shared the bread and cheese.

" Never again will I leave the path to run into the woods when my mother has forbidden it, " Little Red Riding Hood thought to herself as she finished her delicious food.

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