Dick Whittington and his Cat (2) [Dick Whittington&his Cat]

Dick Whittington and his Cat (2)

When they reached the wonderful big city that he had heard so much, Dick couldn’t believe his eyes.

He could see horses, carriages, hundreds of people, great tall buildings, lots of mud, but nowhere could he see any gold. 


How dirty it seemed ! 

What a disappointment, how was he going to make his fortune? 
He wandered up and down the streets, but not one was paved with gold. There was dirt everywhere.

Dick walked until it was dark.
He sat down in a corner and fell asleep on the street.

When morning came, he was very cold and hungry.  
He had no money.
How was he even going to buy food?

After a few days, he asked everyone he met for help, and only one or two gave him a halfpenny to buy some bread.

For days, he lived on the streets, trying to find some work. 


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