Padre Porko, the gentlemanly Pig and the General's Horse (2) [Padre Porko]

Padre Porko, the gentlemanly Pig and the General's Horse (2)

" My great-grandmother knew an old man who, when a boy, saw the Padre, just for a moment, in an orchard of olive trees, by the light of a new moon.

He is all pink, like a baby that has been scrubbed in hot water. He wear a jacket with gold buttons  and green velvet pantaloons, a red beret on his head and red slippers on his feet. 

Somewhere in the far-away hills the Padre has the neat green house, in the center of vegetable garden.
In front of his door grows an umbrella pine, in the shade of which the Padre has a table and chair, where he sits in pleasant weather.


An old lady hedge-hog keeps house for him. She sweeps up the ashes, cooks his porridge and his soup of carrots and turnips, and take care of his four hives of bees.
For you must know that while the Padre is the friend of everybody, what he really loves, with the appetite of a truly piggy person, is honey and stewed carrots."

But any Spanish boy or girl or animal, who really needs the Padre's help, can have it.

If you are in bad trouble all you need do is to go to a quite place, and wish for him terribly hard.
Say, inside your own heart, " Padre, Padre, I do not know what to do, and you must come. Please come, I am waiting. " 
He will be there, never fear.
Everything that lives will carry him your message: the wasps and the bees, the moles and the bats, the birds and the foxes.
They are all his friends, and when you call him they become your friends. "


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