Cinderella (6) [Cinderella]

Cinderella (6)

" Well, now, " said her Godmother, " do you remember your mother's dying words ? "

" Oh, yes," said Cindellela.
" My mother called me her bedside and said " Dear child, remain pious and good, and then our dear God will always protect you, and I will look down on you from heaven and be near you. " "

" Thus I came here. Dear, child, your mother and I always protect you," said the Godmother.  
e but a good girl, and I shall see that you go to the Festival. "

She ordered Cinderella to run into the garden and get her a pumpkin.

Immediately Cinderella went through the back door into the garden to gather the finest pumpkin there was, though she could not imagine that this would enable her to go to the ball.

Her Godmother took the pumpkin and scooped out the inside, leaving nothing but the shell.
Then she struck it with her magic wand. 
Instantly it turned into an elegant coach, gilded all over with shinning gold.


Grimm童話Cinderellaや、シャルル・ペローのサンドリヨンにも、「灰かぶり姫」と称されるシンデレラの本名はありません。Cinder 灰 まみれになっていたので、それが理由で Cinderella シンデレラと呼ばれていた、という記述はあります。

「西新井ブログ」では、大々的に、さももっともらしく取り上げたのですが、近年、アメリカ系絵本で、Ella 名前、のCinderella (灰かぶりのエラ)という話が伝えられておりまして、今回のシンデレラは、それをふまえ、いくつかの伝説話の複合体となっております。ベースとなっておりますのは、シャルル・ペロー Charles Perrault 版のサンドリヨン Cinderella:The Little Glass Slipper です。 

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