Gone is gone (the story of a man who Wanted to Do Housework) (4) [Gone is gone]

Gone is gone (the story of a man who Wanted to Do  Housework) (4)

Could it be that Spitz-dog after the sausages ?

Yes, that's what it was, and when Fritzl reached the top of the stairs, there he was, that dog, dashing out of the kitchen door with the string of juicy sausages flying after him.

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Fritzl made for him, crying, " Hulla !, Hulla !, Hey, hi, ho, hulla ! "

But the dog wouldn't stop.

Britzl ran, Spitz ran too.
Britzl ran fast, Spitz ran faster, and the end of it was that the dog got away and our Fritzl had to give up the chase.

" Na, na ! What's gone is gone, " said Fritzl to himself, shrugging his shoulders.

And so he turned back, puffing and panting, and mopping his face with his big red handkerchief.


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