Gone is gone (the story of a man who Wanted to Do Housework) (5) [Gone is gone]

Gone is gone (the story of a man who Wanted to Do  Housework) (5)

But the cider, now !
Had he put the bung back in the barrel ?

No, that he hadn't, for here he was still holding the bung in his fist.

With big fast steps Fritzl hurried home, but it was too late, for look ! the cider had filled the mug and had run all over the cellar besides.

Fritzl looked at the cellar full of cider.
Then he scratched his head and said," Na, na ! What's gone is gone."

Well, now it was high time to chum the butter.
Fritzl filled the chum with good rich cream, took it under a tree and began to chum with all his might.

His little kinndli was out there too, playing Moo-cow among the daisies.
The sky was blue, the sun right gay a and golden, and the flowers, they were like angels' eyes blinking in the grass.

" This is pleasant now, " thought Fritzl, as he churned away.
" At last I can rest my weary legs. But wait !  What about the cow ? "


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