The Merchant of Venice (2) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (2)

  To become rich like this, the merchants had to take some big risks.

  It cost a lot of money to buy the ships and to pay the people who worked on the ships.

  The merchants also had to pay for the things they bought.

  Sometimes the ships sank ina storm, and everything was lost.

  Sometimes the ships were attacked. Pitates stole the cargo or the ships.

  There were many dangers.

  Antonio was a good man who often helped his friends when they needed money.

  However, he was not always happy.
  When he was sad, he wondered why he was sad. It made him tired to think about it. he did not know why he was sad.

  His friends thought he was sad because he was worried about his ships and his cargoes every day and night.


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