The Merchant of Venice (6) [The Merchant of Venice]

 The Merchant of Venice (6)

  One day, Bassanio came to visit Antonio.

  This was not unusual because they were good friends.

  But this visit was more important than usual for Bassanio.
  He already owed Antonio a lot of money, but now he wanted to borrow some more.
  Of course, Antonio wanted to know why Bassanio needed the money.

  " I have been spending more money than I earn, " began  Bassanio.
  " I already owe you a lot of money. I will tell you how I am going to get enough money to pay back all the money I owe. "

  " Yes, tell me, " said Antonio.
  " If I can help you, I will. "

  " When I was a boy at school, " began Bassanio, " Isometimes lost a ball when I was playing. When that happened, I would throw another ball in exactly the same way and watch it carefully.
  I would often find the two balls together. You might like to think of your money that way. The money you gave me is the first ball. It is lost, and I know it is my fault.
  But if you give me some more money, it could be like that second ball and help you get all your money back.  I will give back the money you give me now as well as the money that I have already lost. " 

  Antonio invited him to continue.

  Bassanio told him about a rich young lady in Belmont.
  Her name was Portia.
  Her father died and feft her a lot of money. She was beautiful as well as rich, and she was not married.
  Many men cam efrom all over the world to court her, but nobody had succeeded.
  Bassanio had met Portia before, and he knew that she liked him.
  He told ANtonio that if he had enough money, he would soon make her his wife.


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