The Merchant of Venice (8) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (8)

  Bassanio was right about Portia.

  She was young, beautiful, and she was not married.

  However, like Antonio, she was unhappy and tired. She had a maid called Nerissa, and Narissa told her that people can get sick from having too much as easily as they get sick from not having enough.

  " Those are wise words, Narissa, " Portia told her.

  " Wise words are not much good if nobody takes any notice, " replied Nerissa.

  " That's true, " agreed Portia, " but if it were as easy to do something as it is to say it, then poor people would live in palaces.
 I can easily teach twenty people what to do, but it is much more difficult to be one of the twenty people  that  follow my own teaching ! " 


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