The Merchant of Venice (10) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (10)

  Her second suitor was a count.
  Portia did not like him because he always looked sad or angry ー or both. He never looked happy, and she was afraid that when he got old, he would be a very unhappy husband for her.

  Her third suitor was a French lord.
  Portia did not like him either because he did not have his own way of thinking. He tried to be just like every person he met. She thought it would be like having twenty husbands, and she couldn't love him at all.

  Her next suitor was a baron from England.
  She did not like him because he had never studied anything. She could not speak with him because he did not understand latin, French, or Italian. She wanted a husband who could talk to her. 


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