The Merchant of Venice (12) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (12)

  Portia remembered that while her father was still alive, a young man called Bassanio came to visit them from Venice.

  She liked him a lot. She thought he was brave and interesting and handsome. She hoped he would court her and be brave enough to choose a box.

  Perhaps he would choose the right box and make her his wife.
  Instead of this, however, she recieved news that Prince of Morocco was on his way to court her.

  " Not another one ! " she exclaimed.
  She wa stired of suitor.
  She thought her father had given her a very difficult problem. If one of the suitor was brave enough to choose a box and chose the right one, she would have to marry him whether she liked him or not. If he chose the wrong box, she couldn't marry him even if she liked him.

  It was more than annoying.


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