The Merchant of Venice (13) [The Merchant of Venice]

Shylock and Antonio

  There was another rich man in Venice. 
  His name was Shylock.
  He earnede his money by lending money to other people and making them pay interest.

  A lot of people borrowed money from him.
  Of course, Shylock's  business had risks, too.
  Sometimes people were not able to pay back the money they had borrowed. Sometimes thy would not pay it back even ef they could.

  When people borrowed money from Antonio, he did not make them pay interest. He thought it was wrong to make peoplepay interest. He said rich people should help poor people.

  Shylock was very angry about this because people went to borrow money from Antonio instead of borroeing from him This meant Shtlock earned less money.

  Another reason that Antonio and Shylock didn't like each other was that Antonio was a Christian and Shylock was a Jew. They disagreed about a lot of things and did not talk to each other.


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