The Merchant of Venice (14) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (14)

  When Antonio told Bassanio to go to twon and borrow money, Bassanio visited Shylock, He asked shylock to lend him thirty thousand ducatoes and said he would pay it back in three months.

  " How do I know ou can pay it back ? " asked Shylock.

   Bassani smiled, " My friend Antonio will help me. If I do not pay you in three months, He will do it for me. "

  Now it was Dhylock's turn to smile. Perhaps this wouldbe a chance for him to hurt his enemy in some way.
  " I understand that Antonio has some ships in different parts of the world," he said, " and that when they come back, he will have plenty of money. However, there are many risks in his business. There are pirates, and there are storms, and everything could be lost. But I am not worried about him because I know That Antonio is a good man.Thirty thousand ducatoes is a lot of money, but I believe he will help you. "

Shylock went to visit Antonio.


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