The Merchant of Venice (15) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (15)

  When he saw him, he remembered how much he hated him.
  However, he did not show his hatred.
  He tried to be friendly.
  "It's thirty thousand ducatoes for three months, isn't it ? " he asked.

   Antonio and Bassanio agreed.

  " What interest willl you pay ? " he asked.

  Before long, Antonio and Shylock were arguing about interest.

  Antonio called Shylock some bad names.
  " He looks like a good apple, " he told Bassanio, " but inside he is rotten. "

  Bassanio was worries. Perhaps Shylock would not lend him the money, so he spoke to Antonio. Antonio was sorry.

  " Will you still lend us the money ? " Antonio asked Shylock.

  " Why should I ? " asked Shylock. 
  " You often say bad things about me for the way Ilend money. I never argue with you about it because I am a man who does not get angry quickly. YOu call me names. You call me a dog You spit on my clothes. "


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