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第8回 The Frog Prince (1) [The frog prince]

The Frog Prince (1)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess in the castle.

She had a golden ball,and it was her favorite plaything. She took it wherever she went.

One day the Princess was playing with ball in the woods, near a well. She threw her ball high into the air.

It fellーSplash !ーinto the well.

The princess watched her golden ball sink deep into the water of the well, and she began to cry. She cried harder and harder.

Suddenly someone said, " What is the matter, princess ?  Why are you making so much noise ? "

The princess looked around. And then She looked into the well.

An ugly little frog was looking up at her. The frog asked again,
" What is the matter, princess ? "

" Oh, It's you, you old water-splasher," the princess said.
" My golden ball has fallen into the well. That is why I crying. "

" Stop crying," said the frog.
" Maybe I can help you. What will you give me if I get your ball for you."

" I will give you whatever you want, dear frog," said the princess.
" Would you like my fine silk dress ? Or my necklace of pearls ? Or would you like my golden crown ?

" No, " said the frog. " What would I do with your fine silk dress ? Or yournecklace of pearls ?  And what would I do with your golden crown ? "

" What do you want, then ? " the princess asked.

He said,
" I want to be your friend and playmate.
I want to sit with you at the supper table.
I want to eat with you from your golden plate and drink with you from your golden cup.       
I want to sleep on your fine silk pillow.
If you promise to let me do these things, I will get your ball for you. "

" I promise, " the princess said.
She thought, how can this nasty little frog come to the castle and be my playmate ? He has to stay here, in his well.

And she said again, " I promise. "

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The Frog Prince (2) [The frog prince]

The Frog Prince (2)

Now the frog went down, deep into the well.

Soon he came up with the golden ball in his mouth. He threw it onto the grass.

" Oh ! " said the princess.
" My golden ball ! " She picked it up and ran away.

" Wait, wait ! " cried the frog.
" Take me with you !  I can't go as fast as you ! "

But the princess did not wait. She ran home to the castle. And soon she fogot all about the poor little frog.

The next day, at supper time, the princess sat at the table with her father the king and all the people of the court.

Suddenly eveyone heard some strange noises outside.

Splash, Splash,
Splash, splash ! 

It was the sound of wet little feet coming up the stairs to the castle.

Flop, flap, flip, flap !

There was a slippy little knock at the door.
Someone called.

" Princess, princess,
  open up !
  Princess, princess,
  let me in ! "

The princess ran to the door and opened it.

When she saw the frog, she shut the door quickly.

The princess came running back to the table.

The king looked at her.
" What are you afraid of, Daughter ? " he asked.
" Is there a giant at the door who wants to carry you off ? "

" Oh no, Father," said the princess.
" It's is not a giant. It's a nasty little frog. "

The princess told his father how the frog had found her golden ball. And she told him about her promise.

" I promised I would let him be my friend and playmate, " she said.
" But I never thought he could come out of the well ! "

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The Frog Prince (3) [The frog prince]

The Flog Prince (3)

Flip, Flap, Flip, Flap !

There was that slippery little knock again. And someone called.

" Princess, princess,
  open up !
  Princess, princess,
  let me in
  Remember who brought you the golden ball that fell into the well.
  Remember your promise by the well ! "

" You must keep your promise, Daughter, " said the King.
" Open the door and let the frog in. "

And so the princess had to open the door.

The frog hopped in and followed her to the table. He stopped by her chair.
" Pick me up and put me next to your plate, " said the frog.

" Go ahead, " the king said.
" Do as the frog says. You must keep your promise. "

The princess had to put the ugly little frog on the table.

Everyone could see that she really did not want to do it.

The frog ate with the princess from her golden plate. And he drank with her from her golden cup.

The frog liked his supper very much.
But the princess could not eat a thing.

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The Frog Prince (4) 完 [The frog prince]

The Frog Prince (4) 完

At last the frog said, " Now I am ready to go to sleep. Carry me to your bedroom. And put me on your fine silk pillow. "

The princess began to cry.

" Stop crying, " said the King.
" Do as the frog says. You made a promise, and you must keep it ! "

And so the princess had to carry the frog to her bedroom. She took hold of him with two fingers, and she put him in a corner of her bedroom. 

But the frog said, " I am tired. I want to go to sleep on a fine bed, just like you. Put me on your silk pillow, or I will tell your father. "

That made the princess very angry.

She picked up the frog, and she threw him against the wall !

But when he fell to the floor, the frog was no longer a frog.

Now he was a tall prince with beautiful, kind eyes. And he was smiling at the princess.

" A wicked witch turned me into a frog, he said. " But now the spell is broken !  I'm returned to Prince."

The very next day the prince and the princess were married.

A golden coach with eight white horses drove up to the castle.

The prince now took the princess to his own land.
And they lived there happily forever after.

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