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The Fox turned Wolf [The Fox turned Wolf]

The Fox turned Wolf

One day the Fox said to the Wolf,
" How I wish I were you, nice and safe up in the hills, with a fat sheep whenever you want it.”

" As for me, I have to hang around the firm, risking life and limb just to get some scraggy old hen or rooster."

" Couldn't you teach me your way ? I'd love to sink my teeth into some fine fat mutton !"

" Right-ho, "said the Wolf.
" As it happens my uncle has just died. He was pretty old.
And wouldn't mind us using his skin, I'm sure."

" With that put over you, you'll be able to scare any sheepdog out of his mind. "

So they found the wolf-skin and, with a little teaching and practice, Fox soon had all the looks and ways of a real wolf.

He was ready to start his new life.
A flock of sheep came over the hill and he ran among them.

Alarmed and terrified at what they thought was a real wolf, shepherd, dogs and sheep scattered and fled, leaving Fox with a fine fat ewe (sheep) for his trouble.

However, all this noise had been heard in the farm down the valley.,and the old cock started crowing in alarm.

Fox stopped and listened to this old familiar sound.

It rang through his headーthe old call to dinner.

He forgot his new hunting coat, his new hunting lessons, his fine fat sheep, and he galloped down to the farm, back to the old life.

You can't change your character as easily as your coat.  

The Fox turned Wolf ブログトップ