The fighting Cocks ブログトップ

The fighting Cocks [The fighting Cocks]

The fighting Cocks

Two Cocks (they had once been close friends) fought to be lord of the farmyard hens.

They fought all day until,battered and beaten, his feather covered with blood, the smallerof the two gave up.

He ran away and hid to nurse his wounds and recover hi corage and strength.

The winning cock,full of pride at his victory, crowed loud and long from his perch on the fence.

For days, at the top of his voice, he told the world how strong, how brave, how unbeatable he was, until the beaten cock c
ould hardly hold himself back.

However, all thi noise and commotion had been heard out side the firmyard.

A hungry eagle swooped on the winner, just as he was starting to sing again, and carried him off for supper.

Our friend, the other cock, was not long in taking advantage of this udden turn of events.

Able to come out again, free to rule the firmyard and hen-roost, with nobody to challenge or deny him, he served a long, happy life as lord and hus
band of his many admiring hens.

Trouble often comes to those who boast. 

The fighting Cocks ブログトップ