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The fox without a tail [The fox without a tail]

The fox without a tail

One day a fox ran into a trap.

He pulled and pulled to get away from it.

At last he did, but his tail came off.
It was left in the trap.

He did not like the way he looked without tail.

" All the other foxes will make fun of me,
" he said.

" What can I do ?  I know, I will make them think it is better not to have a tail. "

So he said to the other foxes,
" You would look better without tails.
What use are they anyway ?
Look at me. I can run very fast because I have no tail. "

But one old fox said,
" You say that, only because you have lost your own tail.
That is why you do not want us to have tails.
But we like our tails.
And we shall keep them, thank you. "

Wise people are not easily fooled.

The fox without a tail ブログトップ