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Who will bell the cat [Who will bell the cat]

Who will bell the cat

Once some mice lived in a house.

A big cat lived in the house too.

Every day he likes to eat ssome of the mice.

At last they said to one another,
" This must stop, or soon we shall all be eaten. Let us all think what  we can do. "

After a time, an old mouse said,
" I know what we can do. One of us must put a bell on the cat.
The bell will tell us when she is near and when we must stay at home.
After she has gone away, we can come out again. "

" Yes. That will be a wise thing to do. Let us do that, " they said.

" But which one of us will put the bell on her ? "

" I am too old, I cannot run very fast so I don't think I can do it,
 " said the old mouse.

" So are we, " said some of the others.

" And we are too little, " said the baby mice.

In the end no-one would do that.

So the bell was never put on the cat and she went on eating the mice.

Some things are more easily said than done.

Who will bell the cat ブログトップ