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The crow and the swan [The crow and the swan]

The crow and the swan

A crow once saw a swan and said to her,
" How nice you look ! I wish I were white like you. I don't like being black. "

He saw that swan was always in the water.

" If I get in the water, I may become white too, " he said.

So he got into the water, but he was still black when he came out.


" Let me think, " he said.
" If I stay in the water, that may make me white. "

Before the crow went into the water, he could fly about to look for food.
He always found something to eat.

He tried to stay in the water.

But he
did not like fish and could find nothing else to eat in the water.

So he did not live very long, nor did he become white.

Think well before you copy other people.

The crow and the swan ブログトップ