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The Adventures of Toad (1) [The adventures of Toad]

The Adventures of Toad (1)

  It was a bright morning in the early part of summer.

  The Mole and the Water Rat had been up since dawn very busy on matters connected with boats and the opening of the boating season ; painting and varnishing and mending paddles and so on.

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  They were finishing breakfast in their little parlour when a heavy knock sounded at the door.

  " Bother ! " said the Rat, all over egg.
  " See who it is, Mole, like a good chap. "

  The Mole went to attend the summons, and the Rat heard him utter a cry of surprise.

  Then he flung the alour door open, and announced with much importance, " Mr Badger ! "

  This was a wonderful thing, indeed, that the Badger should pay a formal call on them, or indeed on anybody.

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The Adventures of Toad (3) [The adventures of Toad]

The Adventures of Toad (3)

  " Right you are ! " cried the Rat.
  " We'll convert him ! He'll be the most converted Toad that ever was before we've done ! "

  They set off on their mission of mercy and reached Toad Hall to find a shiny new motor-car in front of the house, and Mr. Toad, arryed in goggles, cap and gaiters, swaggering down the steps.

  " Hullo ! " he cried cheerfully.
  " You're just in time to come with me for a jolly ー to come ー for a ー jolly - ”

  His hearty accents faltered as he notice the stern look on the countenances of his silent friends.

  The Badger strode up the steps.
  " Take him inside, " he said sternly to his companions.

  Toad was hustled through the door, struggling and protesting.

  " Now, then ! " said Badger, " first of all, take those ridiculoud things off ! "

  " Shan't ! " replied Toad.

  " Take them off him, then, you two, " ordered the Badger briefly.


The adventures of Toad ブログトップ