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The shepherd boy and the Wolf [shepherd boy and Wolf]

The shepherd boy and the Wolf

Once there was a boy who lived on a farm.

Every day he had to take his father's sheep to a hill a long way off.

He did not like being there on his own.

One day, he said to himself.
"I will call Wolf,Wolf !
Then everyone will think that a wolf has came to eat my sheep.
People will run to help me.
It will be fun when they find out there is no wolf after all. "

So he did call " Wolf, Wolf ! " and everyone ran to help him.

When they came he did not thank them.

He just said," There is no wolf. It was only a joke. Now you will all have to go back home again. "

He did this three times. Each time he told them that there was no wolf.

Then one day the wolf did come.

" Help , Help ! " The wolf is here ! "

But everyone said,
" We know that there is no wolf. he just calls us for fun. There is no danger. This time we will not go. "

So they did not go and the wolf killed all the sheep.

If we tell lies, no one will believe us when we speak the truth.

shepherd boy and Wolf ブログトップ