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Sleeping Beauty (1) [Sleeping Beauty]

Sleeping Beauty (1)

Long ago, in a far away land, there lived a king and queen who held a great feast to celebrate the birth of their baby doughter, Aurola.

The king of nearby country, and his young son, Philip, were guest at the feast.

The two kings mde plans for Philip and Aurora to mary on the Princess' sixteenth birthday.

Also the selebrations were the Princess' three fairy god mothersーFlora, Fauna and merryweather.

First, Flola  waved her magic wand over the baby's cradle and said, " I give you the gift of beauty. "

Then, Fauna waved her wand and said,
"I gave you the gift of song. "

Finally, Merryweather fllattered over to the cradle.
She raised her wand and...

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Sleeping Beauty (2) [Sleeping Beauty]

Sleeping Beauty (2)

Suddenly, there was a crack of thunder.

Merleficent, the wicked fairy, stormed in.
She was furious that she had not been invited to the celebrations.

Stroking her pet raven, Merleficent  glared at the baby Princess.

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" I also have a gift for you. " she hissed.
" Before the sun sets on your sixteenth birthday, you will prick your finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. "

Merleficent threw back her head and laughed wickedly.
Then, she disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke.

Merryweather gave a gentle cough.

" I still have my gift for the Princess, " she reminded the horrified King and Queen.

She went over to the sleeping baby and whispered,
" When the spindle pricks your finger, you will not die.
Instead, you will fall into an enchanted sleep.
From this slumber you shall wake when true love's kiss the spell shall break."

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Sleeping Beauty (3) [Sleeping Beauty]

Sleeping Beauty (3)

The king was still worried about his daughter's safety.

He ordered every spinning wheel in the kingdom to be burned.

Then, he and Queen sadly agreed to the fairy godmother's plan to protect Aurora until her sixteenth birthday had passed...

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather renamed the Princess, Briar Rose.

They took her far away to a little cottage in the woods.

There, the fairies put away their magic wands.

They disguised themselves as peasant woman so that Maleficent wouldn't be able to find them.

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As the years passed, Maleficent kept searching for the Princessーbut she never found her.

As the Princess' sixteenth birthday drew nearer, Maleficent sent her trusted pet raven to try and find her.

It was Maleficent's last chance...

The morning of Briar Rose's birthday came.

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Seeping Beauty (4) [Sleeping Beauty]

Sleeping Beauty (4)

The three fairies sent her to collet berries so they could prepare some birthday surprises.

After gathering the berries, Brair Rose rested in a woodland glade.

She sang about falling in love with a handsome prince.

Her friends, the animals and birds, found a cloak, a hat and a pair of boots.

They dressed up as a make-believe prince.

Briar Rose joined in their game, dancing and singing with them.

The clothes belonged to Prince Philip, who after a long ride, was resting in the woods with his horse.

Philip was enchanted by the beautiful voice coming through the trees and went to find the singer.

As soon as they met, Briar Rose and the handsome stranger fell in love.

They felt sure that they had met beforeーonce upon a dream.

When it was time for Briar Rse to leave, they arranged to meet that evening at the cottage in the woods.

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Sleeping Beauty (5) [Sleeping Beauty]

Sleeping Beauty (5)

Meanwhile, the three fairies were in a terrible muddle !

Fauna had baked a birthday cake.
But the mixture was too runny and the cake wouldn't stand up !

Flora and Merryweather had made a special gown for Briar Rose.
But it was a very funny shape!

" It's no use, " said Merryweather.
" We need to use magic to sort this out. I'll fetch the wands. "

Before they dared to use their wands, the fairies blocked up every gap in the cottage.
They had to stop any magic dust escaping and alerting Maleficent to their haideaway.

But they forgot to block the chimney !

It was so wonderful to be able to use magic again !

Flora waved her wand and a beautiful pink gown appeared.

Then Merryweather waved her wand and changed the gown to blue.
Flora changed it back to pink.

All the time, magic dust was escaping from the chimney.

Maleficent's raven was serching nearby.
He saw the magic dust and decided to investigate.

By the time Briar Rose returned to the cottage, the presents were all ready.

She thanked her fairy godmothers for the beautiful new gown and the delicious cake.

" This is the happiest day of my life, " she said.

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SLeeping Beauty (6) [Sleeping Beauty]

SLeeping Beauty (6)

Then she began to tell them about the handsome stranger she had met in woods.

She planned to meet him that very evning.

" It's time we told Briar Rose the truth, " said the Fauna.

Up on the chimney, Maleficent's raven smiled.

So, Briar Rose discovered that she was really a proncess and would soon have to marry Prince Philip.

"Today you must return to the palace and start your new life," said Flora.

Briar Rose was heartbroken.
She didn't want to marry a Prince.

She had fallen in love with the handsome stranger she had met in the woods.

By now, the raven had heard enough.
He flapped his wings and flew away to tell his mistress that the serch for Princess Aurora was finally over.

As soon as darkness fell,the fairy godmothers led Brair Rose through the forest to the palace.

They had no idea that Maleficent was already there, lying in wait for them...

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Sleeping Beauty (8) [Sleeping Beauty]

Sleeping Beauty (8)

When the fairies didn't find Philip at the cottage, they guessed Maleficent may have captured him.

They quickly made their way to her castle.

As soon as it was safe, the fairies magically appeared in the dungeon and freed the Prince.

They waved their wands and aimed him with a magic shield of virtue and a sword of truth.

Then, the Prince galloped off to the palace to rescue the Princess...

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When  Maleficent discovered that the Prince had escaped, she roared with rage.

She cast a spell and surrounded the palace with a forest of thorns.

But Philip was able to cut his way through with his magic sword.

Suddenly, a huge and terrible black dragon appeared over them.

The dragon laughed wickedlyーit was Maleficent !

Philip held up his magic shield so that the dragon's scorching flames could not touch him.

The battle had begun !

The dragon soared into the air and swooped down towards Philip.
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Sleeping Beauty (完) [Sleeping Beauty]

Sleeping Beauty (完)

The Prince hurled his magic sword at the dragon.

The beast crashed to the groundーMaleficent was dead !

Prince philip raced towards the palace.

He quickly found the room where the sleeping beauty lay.

As he gently kissed her, she opened her eyesーthe spell was broken !

The fairy godmother's spell was broken too.

All round the palace, people began to wake from their enchanted sleep.

That evening, a magnificent ball was held to celebrate the wedding of Philip and Aurora.

The princess, dressed in the beautiful blue gown, danced happily in the arms of her prince.

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As the fairy godmothers watched over them, Flora couldn't resist turning the blue gown back to pink.

But Merryweather turned it back to blue.

And so it went on... pink... blue... pink... blue...

(完 9/9)


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