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Goliath Ⅱ  [Goliath Ⅱ]

Goliath Ⅱ(Tiny elephant ゴリアテ ザ セコンド)

Once upon a time in a far-away jungle there lived a tiny elephant.

His name was Goriath the second.,and he was just barely five inches tall.

He was so small he couldn't even pull up a daisy.

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" I'll never grow up, " said little Goliath sadly.
" I'll never be a giant elephant like my father."

His father, great  Goliath the First, was the biggest tusker in the whole jungle, and leader of the elephant herd.

He was so huge and powerful he could uproot the biggest tree without even trying.

" It's not fair, " he grumbled.
"Why should I have a little bit of a son who can't even pull up a daisy ? "

But Goliath's mother, like most mothers, was proud of her little son no matter what.   


Goliath Ⅱ (2) [Goliath Ⅱ]

Goliath Ⅱ (2)

She didn't care one whit about uprooting trees or pulling daisies.

" Don't worry, Goliath, " she said.
" Brute strength isn't everything. You'll amount to something one day, just wait and see. "

Raising such a tiny son in the dense and savage jungle was a big ploblem.

Mother Goliath's number one ploblem was Raja, a crafty old tiger who could hardly take his his greedy eyes off little Goliath.

" I've always been curious to taste an elephant, " said old Raja,
" and now at last I've found one just bite size. "

But Goliath's mother wasn't taking any chances.
She kept a sharp eye on her little son every minute of the day.

And at night she tucked him safely into bed in an empty bird's nest high on the tree limb.

Each day the elephants took a dip in the river.

Goliath was left on the bank to splash and play in one of his mother's huge footprints.

Goliath Ⅱ(3) [Goliath Ⅱ]

Goliath Ⅱ (3)

"Now stay right here where I can see you, " she warned.
" Don't you dare leave your pond. Now I mean it. "

Goliath was getting tired of being treated like a baby.

" I'm nearly eight years old, " he said.
" I'm old enough to look out for myself. "

One day when his mother easn't looking, Goliath left his footprint pond and wandered off down the elephant trail.

It was a perfect day for running away.

The jungle was sunny and warm and very, very quiet.
There was only the gentle whisper of the breeze and sound of footstepsーsoft,velvetly footsteps.
And they weren't Goliath's.

Suddenly he saw two pale yellow eyes peering through the grass.
It was old Raja !

Goliath tried to run but he tripped on his trunk and fell flat on his face.

Raja sprang into the air.But he never came down !

Something had old Raja by the tail.
It was Goliath's motherーand she was furious !

"You bloodthirsty old scoundrel ! " she screamed.

She swung him round and round like a yoyo until his head was spinning.

Then all her strength, Goliath's mother sent that old tiger flying high over the treetops, and all the way across the river to the far end of the jungle.

That was the end of old Raja.
At least the old tiger was never seen again in that part of the jungle.


Goliath Ⅱ (4) [Goliath Ⅱ]

Goliath Ⅱ (4)

But that wasn't the end of little Goliath's troubles.

For one thing, his mother gave him a good sound sparking with a blade of grass.

This didn't hurt Goliath half as much as one scornful from his father, great Goliath the First.

Goliath had broken one of the first law of the herd.

A runaway elephant is called a rogue and a traitor and treated as a criminal.

Little Goliath had never felt quite so small in all his life.
As an elephant, he was a failure.

One afternoon, as big Goliath led the herd down the elephant trail towardf the river, something happened.
A most terrifying thing.

There in the path was a fuzzy little creature with black beady eyes and a string tail.

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Goliath Ⅱ (5) [Goliath Ⅱ]

Goliath Ⅱ (5)

" Mouse ! " cried big Goliath.
" It's a mouse !  Runーrun for your lives ! "

The herd went crashing off through the jungle in a wild stampede, and leaped into the river.

There they stayed, trembling with terror, and with only the tips of their trunks sticking out of the water.

Only little Goiath stood his ground.
He didn't move a muscle or blink an eye.


" What's the trouble, Buster ? " said the mouse.
"Are you scared stiff ? "

" I'm not scaredat all, " said Goiath.
" I'm just as big as you are. "

" That's not the point. I'm a mouse and you're a elephant. And elephant are afraid of mice. "

"Why ? " asked Goliath.


Goliath Ⅱ (6) [Goliath Ⅱ]

Goliath Ⅱ (6)

" I'll show you why ! " said the mouse.
In a frash he seized Goliath by the trunk, whirled him into the ar and slammed him to the ground.

Then the mouse jumped up and down on Goliath's head and pinned him to the ground by his ears.

Do you give up, Jumbo ? "

"Never, " said Goliath.

And with a wild kick he sent them both tumbling in the grass.

They rolled over and over and came closer to the edge of a steep cliff.
Down below an old crocodle was waiting for someone to drop in for dinnerーjust anyone.

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The mouse pushed Goliath toward the edge.
"Over you go, Buster ! " he said.


Goliath Ⅱ(完) [Goliath Ⅱ]

Goliath Ⅱ (完)

But Goliath saw the crocodle.

Desperately, he grabbed for the mouse's tail, and seized it in his trunk.

Then with a sudden jerk he swung the mouse out over the cliff, right over the wide open jaws of the crocodile.

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" Please don't let me down, "cried the mouse.

" I give up ! You win, ole pal, ole pal ! Okay ? "

" Okay, " said Goliath, and the battle was over.

As a reward for his great victory, Goliath was given the very highest position in the elephant herdーa place of honor on his proud father's head.

And the whole herd kept a kindly eye on little Goliathーfor they didin't want to lose him.

Happiest of all was Goliath's mother.
" I always know you'd amount to something one day, " she said proudly.      

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