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Mary Poppins (1) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (1)


If you want to find Cherry Tree Lane all you have to do is ask the Policeman at the cross-roads.

He will push his helmet slightly to one side, scratch his head thoughtfully, and then he will point his huge white-gloved finger and say:

" First to your right, second to your left, sharp right again, and you're there. Good morning. "

And sure enough, if you follow his directions exactly, you will be there
ーright in the middle of Cherry Tree Lane, where the houses run down one side and the Park runs down the other and the cherry-trees go dancing right down the middle.

If you are looking for Number Seventeenーand it is more than likely that you will be,
for this book is all about that paticular houseーyou will very soon find it.

it is more than likely tha
t you will be, for~

To begin with, it is the smallest house in the Lane.

And beside that, it is the only one that is rather dilapidated and needs a coat of paint.

But Mr Banks, who owns it, said to Mrs banks that she could have either a nice, clean, comfortable house or four children.

either A or B

But not both, for he couldn't afford it.


And after Mrs Bnaks had given the matter some consideraton she came to the conclusion that she would rather have Jane, who was the eldest,
and Michael, who came next, and Jone and Barbara, who were Twins and came last of all.

had given the matter some consideration:
came to the conclution that ~:
ex. after reading her letter, I came to concluton that she was a very intelligent person. 


Mary Poppins は「やさしい」から外れるとのランク付けもあるのですが、ほんの一部の部分を除けば、(一つの)文が長いことを考慮しても) 第1章の英語は、決して難しくありません。

Mary Poppins (2) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (2)

So it was settled, and that was how the Banks family came to live at Number Seventeen,
with Mrs Brill to cook for them, and Ellen to lay the table, and Robertson Ay to cut the lawn and clean the knives and polish the shoes and,
as Mrs Banks always said, "to waste his time and my money".

as Mrs Banks always said, " to waste his time and my money "

And, of course, beside these there was katie Nanna, who doesn't really deserve to come into the book at all because, at the time I am speaking of, she had just left Number Seventeen.  

beside these:
who doesn't really deserve to come into the book at all:

"Without by your leave or a word of warning. And what am I to do ? " said Mrs Banks.

Without by your leave or a word of warning:

" Advertise, my dear, " said Mr Banks, putting on his shoes. 
”And I wish Robertson Ay would go without a word of warning, for he has again polished one boot and left the other untouched.
I shall look very lopsided. "

" That, " said Mrs Banks, " is not of the least importance. You haven't told me what I'm to do about Katie Nanna. "

" I don't see how you can do anything about her since she has disappeard, " replied Mr Banks.
" But if it were meーI mean IーWell, I should get somebody to put in the Morning Paper the news that Jane and Michael and Jone and Barbara Banks(to say nothing of their Mother) require the best possible Nannie at the lowest possible wage and at once.

lowest possible wage:

Then I should wait and watch for the Nannies to queue up outside the front gate, and I should get very cross with them for holding up the traffic and making it necessary for me to give the policeman a shilling for puttng him to so much trouble.  

the Nannies to queue up outside the front gate:

should get very cross with them for~

for holding up the traffic and making it necessary for me to give the policeman a shilling for puttng him to so much trouble.

Mary Poppins (3) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (3)

"Now I must be off.
Whew, it's as cold as North Pole.
Witch way is the wind blowing ? "

And as he said that, Mr Banks popped his head out of the window and looked down the Lane to Admoral Boom's house at the corner.

THis was the grandest house in the Lane, and the Lane was very proud of it because it was built exactly like a ship.

There was a flagstaff in the garden, and on the roof was a gilt weathercock sharped like a telescope.

" Ha ! " said Mr Banks, drawing in his head very quickly.
" Admiral's telescope says East Wind. I thought as much.
There is frost in my bones.
I shall wear two overcoats. "

And he kissed his wife absent-mindedly on one side of her nose and waved to the children and wentaway to the City.

Now, the City was a place where Mr Banks went every dayーexcept Sundays, of course, and Bank Holidaysーand while he was there he sat on a large chair in front of a large desk and made money.

Allday long he worked, cutting out pennies and shillings and half-crowns and threepenny-bits.

And he brought them home with him in his little black bag.

Sometimes he would give some of Jane and Michael for their money-boxes, and when he couldn't spare any he would say,
" The Bank is broken, " and they would know he hadn't made much money that day.      


Mary Poppins (4) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (4)

Well, Mr Banks went off with his black bag, and Mrs Banks went into the drawing-room and sat there all day long writing letters to the papers and begging them to send some Nannies to her at once as she was waiting;

and upstairs in the Nursery, Jane and Michael watched at the window and wondered who would come.

They were glad Katie Nanna had gone, for they had never liked her.
She was old and fat and smelt of barley-water.

Anything, they thought, would be better than Katie Nannaーif not much better.

When the aftenoon began to die away behind the park, Mrs Brill and Ellen came to give them their supper and to bath of Twins.

And after supper Jane and Michael sat at the window watching for Mr banks to come home, and listening to the sound of the East Wind blowing through the naked branches of cherry-trees in the Lane.

The trees themselves, turning and bending in the half light, lookes as though they had gone mad and were dancing teir roots out of the ground.

" There he is ! " said Michael, pointing suddenly to a shape that banged heavily against the gate.

Jane peered through the gathering darkness.
" That's not daddy, " she said.
" It's somebody else. "


Mary Poppins (5) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (5)

Then the shape, tossed and bent under the wind, lifted the latch of the gate, and they could see that it belonged to a woman, who was holding her hat on with one hand and crrying a bag in the other.


As they watched, Jane and Michael saw a curious thing happen.

As soon as the shape was inside the gate wind seemed to catch her up into the air and fling her at the house.

It was as though it had flung her first at the gate, waited for her to open it, and  then lifted and thrown her, bag and all, at the front door.

The watching children heard a terrific bang, and as she landed the whole house shook.

" how funny ! I've never seen that happen before," said Michael.

"Let's go and see who it is ! " said Jane, and taking Michael's arm she drew him away from the window, through the Nursery and out on to the landing.

From there they always had a good view of anything that happened in the front hall.

Presently they saw their Mother coming out of the drawing-room with a visitor following her.

Jane and Michael copuld see that newcomer had shiny black hairー" Rather like a wooden Dutch doll, " whispered Jane.

And that she was thin, with large feet and hands, and small, rather peering blue eyes.

You'll find that they are very nice children, " Mrs Banks was saying.

one hand 記載ミスです。すみません。

Mary Poppins (6) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (6)

Michael's elbow gave a sharp dig at Jane's ribs.

" And that they give no trouble at all, " continued Mrs Banks uncertainly , as if she herself didn't really believe what she was saying.

They heard the visitor sniff as though she sidn't either. 

" Now, about referencesー" Mrs   Banks went on.

" Oh, I make it a rule never to give references, " said the other firmly.

Mrs Banks stared.

" But I thought it was usual, " she said. " I meanーI understood people always did. "

" A vey old-fashioned idea, to my mind, " Jane and Michael heard the stern voice say.
" Very old-fashioned. Quite out of date, as you might say. "

Now, if there was one thing Mrs Banks did not like, it was to be thought old-fashioned.
She just couldn't bear it.

So she said quickly:
" Very well, then. We won't bother about them.
I only asked, of course, in case youーerーrequired it.
The nursery is upstairsー"

And she led the way towards the staircase, talking all the time, without stopping once.

And because she was doing that Ms Banks did not notice what was happening behind her, but Jane and Michael, watching from the top landing, had an excellent view of the extraordinary thing the visitor now did.

Certainly she followed Mrs Banks upstairs, but not in the usual way.

With her large bag in her hands she slid gracefully up the banisters, and arrived at the landing at the same time as Mrs Banks. 

Such a thing, Jane and Michael knew, had never been done before.
Down, of course, for they had often done it themselves.
But upーnever !

They gazed curiously at the strange new visitor.


Mary Poppins (7)  [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (7)

" Well, that's all settled, then."
A sigh of relief came from the children's Mother.

” Quite. As long as I’m satisfied, ” said the other, wiping her nose with a large red and white bandanna handkerchief.

" Why, children, " said Ms Banks, noticing them suddenly,
” what are you doing there ? This is your new nurse, Mar Poppins.
Jane, Michael, say how do you do ! And these " ーshe waved her hand at the babies in their cotsー " are the Twins. "

Mary Poppins regarded them steadily, looking from one to the other as though she were making up her mind whether she liked them or not.

" Will we do ? " asked Michael

" Michael, don't be naughty, " said his Mother.

Mary Poppins continued to regard the four childen serchingly.
Then with a long, loud sniff that seemed to indicate that she made up her mind, she said:
" I'll take the position. "


Mary Poppins (8) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (8)

" For all the world, " as Mrs Bankas said to her husband later, " as though she were doing us a signal honour. "

" Peharps she is, " said the Mr Banks, putting his nose round the corner of the news paper for a moment and then with-drawing it very quickly.

When their Mother had gone, Jane and Michael edged toward Mary Poppins, who stood,still as a post, with her hands holding in front of her.

" How did you come ? " Jane asked.
" it looked liked just as if the wind blew you here. "

" It did, " said Mary Poppins briefly.
And she proceeded to unwind her muffler from her neck and take off her hat, which sh ehung on one of the bedposts.

As it did seem as though Mary Poppins were going to say anymoreーthough she sniffed a great dealーJane, too, remained silent.

But when she bent down to undo her bag, Michael could not restrain himself.

" What a funny bag ! " he said, pinching it with his fingers.

" Carpet, " said Mary Poppins, putting her key in the lock.

" To carry capets in, you mean ? "

" No. made of. "

"Oh, " said Michael. " I see."
But he didn'tーquite.

By this time the bag was open, and Jane and Michael were more than surprised to find it was completely empty.

" Why," said Jane, " there's nothing in it ! "

Mary Poppins (9) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (9)

" What do you meanーnothing ? " demanded Mary Poppins, drawing herself up and looking as though she had been insulted.

" Nothing in it, did you say ? "

And with that she took out from the empty bag a starched white apron and tied it round her waist.

Next she unpacked a larg cake of Sunlight Soap, a toothbrush, a packet of hairpins, a bottle of scent, a small folding armchair and a box throat lozenges.

Jane and Michael stared.

" But I saw, " whispered Michael.
" I'm sure it was empty. "

"Hush, " said Jane, as Mary Poppins took out a large bottle labelled " One Tea-Spoon to be Taken at Bed-Time. "
A spoon was attached to the neck of the bottle, and into this Mary Poppins poured a dark crimson fluid.

"Is that your medicine ? " inquired Michael, looking very interested.

" No, yours, " said Mary Poppins, holding out the spoon to him.

Michael stared.
He wrinkledup his nose.
He began to protest.
" I don't want it. I don't need it. I won't ! "

But Mary Poppins's eye were fixed upon him, and Michael suddenly discevered that you could not look at Mary Poppins and disobey her.

THere was something strange and extraordinary about herーsometing that was frightening and at the same time most exciting.

The spoon came nearer.


Mary Poppins (10) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (10)

He held his breath, shut his eyes and gulped.

A delicious taste ran round his mouth.
He turned his tongue in it.
He swallowed, and a happy smile ran round his face.

" Strawberry ice, " he said ecstatically.
" More, more, more ! "

But the Mary Poppins, her face as stern as before, was pouring out a dose for Jane.

It ran into the spoon, silvery, greeny, yellowy.
Jane tasted it.

" Lime-juice cordial, " she said, sliding her tongue deliciously over her lips.

But when she saw Mary Poppins moving towards the Twins with the bottle Jane rushed at her.

" Oh, noーplease. They're too young. It wouldn't be good for them. Please ! "

Mary Poppins, however, took no notice, but with a warning, terrible grance at Jane, tipped the spoon towards John's mouth.

He lapped at it eagerly, and by the few drops that were spilt on his bib, Jane and Michael could tell that substance in the spoon this time was milk.

Then Barbara had her share, and she gurgled and licked the spoon twice.

Mary Poppins then poured out another dose and solemnly took it herself.

" Rum punch, " she said, smacking her lips and corking the bottle.


MaryPoppins (11) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (11)

Jane's eyes and Michael's popped with astonishment, but they were not given much time to wonder, for Mary Poppins, having put the miraculous bottle on the mantelpiece, turned to them.

" Now, " she said, "spit-spot into bed. "
And she began to undress them.

They noticed that whereas buttons and hooks had needed allsorts of coaxing from Katie Nanna, for Mary Poppins they flew apart almost at a look.

In less than a minute they found themselves in bed and watching, by the dim light from the night-light, the rest of Mary Poppins's unpacking being performed.

From the carpet-bag she took out seven flannel night-gowns, four cotton ones, a pair of boots, a set of dominoes, two bathing-caps, and a postcard album.

Last of all came a folding camp-bedstead with blankets and eiderdown complete, and this she set down between John's cot and Barbara's. 


Mary Poppins (12) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (12)

Jane and Michael sat hugging themselves and watching.

It was all surprising that they could find nothing to say.

But they knew, both of them, that something strange and wonderful had happened at Number Seventeen, Cherry Tree Lane.

Mary Poppins, sliping one of the flannel nightgowns over her head, began to undress underneath it as though it were a tent.

Michael, charmed by this strange new arrival, unable to keep silent any longer, called to her.

" Mary Poppins, "he cried, " you'll never leave us, will you ? "

There was no reply from under the nightgown.
Michael could not bear it.

" You won't leave us, will you ? " he called anxiously.


Mary Poppins (13) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (13)

Mary Poppins's head came out of the top of the nightgown.
She looked very fierce.

" One word more from that direction," she said threateningly, " and I'll call the Policeman. "

" I was only saying, " began Mchael, meekly, " that we hoped you wouldn't be going away soonー"
He stopped, feeling very red and confused.

Mary poppins stared from him to Jane in silence.
Then she sniffed.

" I'll stay till the wind changes, " she said shortly, and she blew out her chandle and got into bed.

" That's all right, " said Michael, half to him and half to Jane.

But Jane wasn't listening.
She was thinking about all that had happened, and wondering...

And that is how Mary Poppins came to live at Number Seventeen, Cherry tree Lane.


Mary Poppins (完) [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins (完)

And although they sometimes found temselves wishing for the quieter, more ordinary days when Katie Nanna ruled the household, everybody , on the whole, was glad of Mary Poppins's arrival.

Mr Banks was glad because, as she arrived by herself and did not hold up the traffic, he had not had to tip the Policeman.

Mrs banks was glad because she was able to tell everybody that her children's nurse was so fashionable that she didn't believe in giving references.

Mrs Brill and Ellen were glad because they could drink strong cups of tea all day in the kitchen and no longer needed to preside at nursery suppers.

Robertson Ay was glad, too, because Mary Poppins had only one pair of shoes, and those she polished herself.

But nobody ever knew what Mary Poppins felt about it, for Mary poppins never told anybody anything... 


(14/14 第1章 EAST WIND 完) 

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