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Beauty and the Beast (1) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (1)

Once upon a time, in the faraway land, there lived a young prince in a beautiful castle.

Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled and very selfish.

One winter's night an old beggar woman asked the prince for shelter from the bitter cold.
In return she offered him a rose.

Repulsed by the old woman, the unkind prince turned her away.

The woman warned him not to be deceived by appearances, since beauty is found within.

But when the prince dismissed her again, the old woman's ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.

The prince tried to apologize, but it was too late.
The enchantress knew there was no love in his heart.

As punishment the enchantress transformed the prince into a hideous beast.

Then she placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there.


Beauty and the Beast (2) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (2)

The rose she had offered was an enchanted rose.

It would bloom until the prince was twenty-one years old.

If he could learn to love and be loved before the last red petal fell, then the spell would be broken.
If not, he would remain a beast for all time.

Ashamed of his monstrous form, the Beast hid inside the castle.

A magic mirror was his only window to the outside world.

As the years passed, he fell into despair.
He would not believe that anyone could ever love him.

Slowly the rose began to wither.

In the nearby village there lived a young girl named Belle.
She was very beautiful.

But Belle, unlike the other girls in the village, cared only for her books and always felt out of place.

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Beauty and the Beast (3) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (3)

He father, Maurice, was a reader of books, too.

But while Belle read about adventure and romance, her father studied technical books.

Mauice was an inventorーa genius, according to Belle; a crackpot, according to the townsfolks.

" Belle is even stranger than her father," the villager whispered.
" Her nose is always in a book, and her head is always in the clouds. "

Gaston the hunter, who was the handsomest man in town, wanted to make belle his wife.

No matter how many times she turned him down, Gaston would not take no for an answer.

He was determined to wed the lovely Belle, even though she thought he was a brainless brute.

One cold day Maurice hitched his horse Philippe to a wagon and set off to show his latest invention at a faraway fair.

With his mind on the fair, Maurice became lost in a dark, mistly forest.

As an icy wind whistled through the tall trees, he suddenly heard an even more disturbing soundーthe chilling howls of a wolf pack.

Philippe bolted, and Maurice fell to the ground.

To escape the wolves, the frightened man ran deeper and deeper into the woods.


Beauty and the Beast (4) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (4)

He came to the castle that seemed deserted and stumbled inside.

There Maurice was greeted by Mrs.Potts the teapot, Cogsworth the mantelclock, and Lumiere the candelabra.

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But before he had time to marvel over these strange creatures, an even stranger one appearedーthe Beast !

When Maurice stared at the Beast in horror, the Beast howled angrily.
Then he scooped Maurice up and carried him off to the dungeon.

Meanwhile, Philippe had made his way back home.

Belle took one look at the riderless horse and knew that something awful had happened to her father.

" Philippe ! Take me to him ! ", she cried, leaping astride the exhausted horse.

Without a pause, the animal thundered off toward the woods.


Beauty and the Beast (5) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (5)

When she reached the castle, Belle burst inside and serched frantically for her father.

The enchanted objects led her to the tower, but just as she found Maurice, the Beast appeared.

Belle let out a terrified gasp at the hideous sight of the Beast.

When she relized that this was Maurice's captor, Belle begged the Beast to free her father.

When he refused, she bravely offered herself in Maurice's place.

" No, Belle ! " Maurice cried, even as the Beast said, "Done ! "

Before Belle could bid her dear father gtood-bye, the Beast led her to her room.

" The castle is now your home, " he said gruffly.

Belle was free to go anywhere she likedーexcept the West Wing.

" You will join me for dinner, " the Beast ordered.
" That's not a request."

Still, Belle refused,and the Beast stomped off in anger.


Beauty and the Beast (6) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (6)

That night  Belle slipped out of her roomand found her way to the forbidden West Wing.

She discovered the Beast's foul lair, but he was nowhere in sight.

Belle was drawn to the enchanted rose she saw by the window.

When she reached out to touch it, tghe Beast suddenly appeared on the balcony outside the window. 

Belle screamed and fled from the room.

Her heart pounding , Belle ran out of the castle, found Philippe, and rode into the night.

But a pack of wolves soon had the girl and her horse surrounded.
Belle felt hepless and afaid.

Suddenly the Beast was there, throwing the wolves aside.


A terrible snarling and howling sounded as the Beast and the wolves battled fiercely.

At least the wolves ran off into the woods, but the Beast lay in the snow, badly injured.

Belle helped the Beast to the castle and caefully bound his wounds.
Gentle as she was, the Beast roared in agony.

" I barely touched you, " said Belle.
Then she saw a look of pain on his face. 

" I forgot to thank you forsaving my life." she added softly.

The Beast only grunted in reply.
But when Belle tyurned away, the hint of smile could be seen on his face.


Beauty and the Beast (7) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (7)

In the days that followed, the Beast tried to be proper host.

He showed Belle his library, where they read together.

And she, in turn, began to teach him how to act like a gentleman.

" Perhaps it isn't too late, " Cogsworth whispered to Mrs.Potts and her son, Chip the teacup.

" If belle could only love the Beast, this spell might yet be broken. "

The winter passed pleasantly for belle and the Beast.

Belle thought of the Beast as her dearest friend.

He thought of little but the beautyful Belle.

One night while belle was teaching him to dance, the Beast stammered, " Belle, are you happy hereーwith me? "

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" Yes, " said belle without hesitation, but the Beast saw a trace of sadness in her eyes.

Then Belle added, " If only I could see my father again, even for a minute. "


Beauty and the Beast (8) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (8)

"You can, " the Beast said, handing her the magic mirror.

Belle gazed into it with wonder, for there was Maurice, trudging through the forest.

But he looked frail and old.
Even as she watched, her father collasped in a heap.

" I must go to him ! " Belle cried.
" He might be dying ! "

The Beast heard her anguished plea.

" I released you, " he said sadly.
" But pleasetake the mirror with you. Then you will always have a way to look back and remember me. "

With the magic mirror to guide her, Belle soon found her father.

But their happy reunion was cut short with a pounding on their cottage door.


Beauty and the Beast (9) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (9)

" We've come to take Maurice to the Maison des Loons, " announced Monseiur D'Arque, director of the village's insane asylum.

" No ! " Belle cried.
" My father isn't crazy. "

Gaston's friend Lefou stteped forward.
" Maurice has been raving that you were imprisoned by a hideous Beast, " he said.
"Only a crazy man would tell such a tale."

” But it's true, " Belle protested.

Her worried eyes serched the angry crowd and lit on Gaston.

" Gaston ! " she cried.
You know my father isn't crazy. Tell them. "

Gaston quickly drew Belle to one sde, and he whispered that he might be able to calm the crowdーif Belle would pomise to marry him.

"Never ! " Belle exclaimed.



Beauty and the Beast (10) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (10)

" And my father in not crazy. There really is a beast, and I can prove it. "

She turned to the crowd.

" Look in this mirror and see. "

The townspoeple looked at the Beast's reflection and grew frightened.

Gaston was furious.
His plan would be ruined.

" We must hunt down this savage animal ! " he cried, stirrring up the mob.

" Who's with me ? "

" We are ! " answered the villagers.


Beauty and the Beast (11) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (11)

After locking Belle and her father in the cellar of the cottage, the villagers rode off to stom the Beast's castle.

Luckily Chip, Mrs.Potts's son, had stowed away in Belle's saddlebag.

After the villagers were gone, he used Mourice's latest invention to release Belle and her father from the cellar.

By the time Belle reached the castle, the townspeople had broken in.


Beauty and the Beast (12) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (12)

Gaston and the Beast were strugging on the castle roof.

The Beast managed to knock Gaston's weapon from his hand.

Then there was nothing to stop him from kiling Gastonーnothing but the Beast's own humanity.

Gaston cried for mercy.

The Beast released him and turned away.

Then Belle watched helplessly as the treacherous Gaston rose up and pluged a knife into the Beast's back.


Beauty and the Beast (13) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (13)

The Beast roared in pain, frightening Gaston.

Backing away from the wounded Beast, Gaston lost his footing and fell off the roof into the fog below.

Brokenhearted, belle flew to the Beast's side to comfort him.

" You came back, " the Beast said weakly.
" At least I can see you this one last time. "


" No ! No ! " belle said, sobbing, as she kissed the Beast's cheek.

" Please don't die...I love you. "


Beauty and the Beast (14 完) [Beauty and the Beast]

Beauty and the Beast (14 完)

At that moment the spell was broken, and in one magical instant the Beast turned back into his princely self.

The enchanted servents retrned to thier human forms as well.

The castle came alive with rejoicing.

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Mrs.Potts cried human tear of joy as the handsome young prince gathered the beautiful Belle into his arms.

Mra.potts, Cogsworth, and Lumiere had not one doubt that the loving couple would live happily ever after.

(14/14 完 Disney版 )
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