Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (1) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (1)

In the capital of an oriental Kingdom lived a young boy called Aladdin.

He was poorly dressed and he spent his days running barefoot through the streets with other rascals.

He had lost his father, and it was his mother who had the job of feeding him.

She earned money for food by spinning from sunrise to sunset.

" One day I will be old,  she often said to him, " and you will have to work to earn your living. So learn a profession ! "

But Aladdin laughed.
" A profession ? There's plenty of time for that ! I'd rather enjoy myself ! "

And he ran outside to find his friends again.

Now, one afternoon, when he was playing in the town square, a man approached him.
He was a stranger and, although Aladdin didn't know it, a great magician.

He said to the boy, " Would you like to become rich ? "

" Of course ! " said Aladdin."
" But one has to work to earn money, and I prefer to play. "

The magician smiled, " Work ? What a thought ! Be like me and you will have more treasures than a King ! "

Aladdin trusted the magician and went with him.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (2) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (2)

First the man took Aladdin to the clothes merchant where he bought a magnificent outfit for him: a jacket embroidered with gold thread, a pair of shoes and a fur hat.

In those days only the rich people wore such clothes.


" This is because you have to be smartly dressed to enter the place where I will take you, " said the magician as Aladdin admired the outfit.

They walked for a long time, until they had crossed the entire city.

Once they reached the countryside they finally stopped, right at the foot of mountain.

Aladdin looked around at the vast garden overgrown  with bushes and was puzzled.

" Is it really necessary to be dressed in silk to come here ? " he said.

" Wait and see...," answered the magician.

He then took his time to light a fire which he sprinkled with incense from a glass bottle. 

A thick blue smoke filled the sky as he called out, " Come down, loyal spirit, and reveal your secret ! "

Suddenly, Aladdin felt the ground trembling under his feet and he was terrified.

He jumped back and there, right in front of him, the ground opened up.

In the opening lay a square stone with a big iron ring.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (3) [Aladdin]

Aladdin  and the Magic Lamp (3)

22 - 2.jpg

" It is your turn to play now, " said the magician.

" This stone is magic, and you are the only one who can lift it. Beneath it you will find an enchanted orchard. "

" It is much too heavy ! " complained Aladdin, who was having second thoughts about the whole affair.

" Listen, " said the man, " if you call out loud the name of your grandfather and your father while you pull the ring, you will have no problem lifting the stone. "

The boy did as he had said... and lifted the stone.

But instead of an orchard he saw a staircase which led to a dark cave.
It made him shiver.

The magician explained to him,
" The orchard is much further away.
First you have to go down the staircase, then across three halls and finally out again by another staircase.
As you can see, the stairway is too small for me.
Only you can go through it.
But be very careful not to touch the walls as you go, or you will  be struck by  a bolt of lightning ! "

Aladdin was still cared, but the magician gave him a ring and said,
" This will act as a charm to protect you.
If ou do as I have said, you have nothing to fear.
The second staircase leads to the orchard where you may pick all the fruit you want.
But the most important thing that I want is a little lamp hidden in a secret place at the back of the orchard.
Bring it to me ! "


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (4) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (4)

Aladdin hesitated, but the man pushed him inside.

He went down the stairs slowly, step by step, holding his clothes tightly around him,terrified that he might accidentally touch something and bestruck by lightning.

When he reached the foot of the stairs he crossed the three large halls without any difficulty.

The last of these led him to the foot of a second staircase.

Aladdin started to climb this staircase and eventually saw a light coming from the top.

Encouraged, he began to hurry...

When he reached the top he found himself in a fantastic garden with hundredsnof trees full of shining fruit !

However, this fruit was not meant for eating: the tree were laden with precious stones, sparkling diamonds, rich red rubies and milky pearls.

25 - 12.jpg

Poor Alddin thought they were made of glass, like the cheap jewelry his mother wore.

Neverthless, he decided to pick some for her and began to fill his pockets.

Then he saw the lamp standing in a hollow rock, and he remembered the reason for his visit.

He stopped picking and ran towards it.

Lamps like this were to be found by the thousand in the East in those days and Aladdin did not understand why the magician wanted this one.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (5) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (5)

When he made his way back he found the stranger where he had left him.

" Do you have yhe lamp ?  Perfect ! "  the man cried.

Then he held out his hand and said, " Now give it to me. It will be much easier for you to climb the last few narrow steps without the lamp. "

Aladdin saw the man's eyes light up with such greed that he did not trust him.

" No thank you, I can manage perfectly well ! " he answered.

THe magician insisted, but when he saw that Aladdin was not so easily led, he became very annoyed.

" How dare you disobey me ! " he angrily
" This will cost you dearly ! "

He poured the rest of contents of the glass bottle over the fire and uttered some words that made ground tremble.

Before Aladdin could even go one step further, the opening closed !

The boy ran as fast as he could back to the stairs that led to the orchard, but that way was closed too !

" I have been caught like a rat in a trap ! " groaned the boy , and collapsed on the stairs in tears.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (6) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (6)

Certain that he was destined to die all alone in this black hole, Aladdin fell asleep.

For how long ?

That was difficult to say since no daylight came in.

When he woke up he was starving hungry and very cold.

He rubbed his hands together to warm them up.

As he was doing so, he also rubbed the ring that magician had given him.

It did not take much rubbing before an extraordinary figure suddenly appeared from the ground.

With his crooked hands, his long moustache and his dark eyebrows, he looked very fierce.

25 - 9.jpg

Neverthless he said, " I am the ginie of the ring. Your wish is my command. What do you want ? "

" I want to get out of this place ! " exclaimed Aladdin.

As soon as he made his wish, it was granted.

The ginie vanished and the cave opened.

Aladdin was delighted and leapt outside, as free as a bird !

Then, without losing any more time, he rushed home.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (7) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (7)

When his mother saw Aladdin she cried out with joy, " My child ! My darling ! I thought you were dead ! Where have you been all this time ? "

Aladdin told her what hd happened to him and showed her the lamp, as well as the precious stones.

His mother also thought they were made of glass.
She did not give them another thought and put them in a box where they lay forgotten.

As for the lamp, she decided to sell it.
Her starving son had eaten all the food in the house and with this she could buy some more bread.

She took a rag and polished the lamp... But two seconds later  she dropped it on the floor and stared.

A curious figure was standing in front of her, as terrifying as a demon.

Neverthless, when he spoke he sounded very friendly.

" I am the ginie of the lamp, " he said.
"Tell me your wishes and they will be granted."

But it was Aladdin who spoke first: " We want something to eat ! "

As soon as his wish was made, it was granted.

The ginie brought bread, two bottles of wine and all sorts of succulent food served on silver plates.
There was enough for at least four meals !


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (8) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (8)

Believe me, that night Aladdin and his mother went to sleep with full stomachs.

And now that they knew how to make the ginie appear,they were ableto ask for everything they wanted.

A soft touch with a rag on the lamp of happiness and, two minutes later, dinner was ready !

Soon they had more plates, forks and spoons than they knew what to do with, ao they decided to sell them.

They were made of silver, so theysold them for a good price.

At last Aladdin and his mother had found a way to ern their living without getting tired !

The ginie and the lamp kept them well for many years.

As Aladdin grew up he lost his lazy attitude and took an interest in learning new things.

The rich merchants with whom he did business taught him good manners and the art of distinguishing glass from diamond.

At last he realized the colourful fruits from the orchard were precious stones, and that he and his mother were, in fact, rich !


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (9) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (9)

He was still counting all his wealth and wondering how to spend it, when something happened to interrupt his thoughts.

Badroulboudour, the eldest daughter of the sultan and a princess of high rank, passed by his house.

Followed by her servants, she went to the bath house.

She was renowned as a great beauty but, with a fan in her hand and a veil over her face, it was impossible to see whether it was true.

画像12-08-25 010.jpg

Aladdin, intrigued by the princess, followed her secretly.

When they arrived at the bath house, Aladdin hid behind a door and stared.

Whe the princess lifted up her veil the young man saw the most beautiful face he hd ever seen.
The next second he had fallen in love with her.

He ran home to his mother and tpld her everything.

She thought he had gone mad,especially whe he told her that he wanted to marry the princess.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (10) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (10)

" Merry her ! " cried the good woman.
" But her father is a rich sultan, and we, my child, are poor people !"

" Not any more ! " replied Aladdin.

He went to lookfor the box in which lay the treasure from the orchard.

Taking it to his mother, he ran the jewels through his fingers and said, " They are real ! Each diamond is worth than all the silver plates we have sold. If you go to the palace with such a present, I am cerain you will be admitted. "

" To the palace ! " cried his mother.
" But I would never dare to do that. What would I say to the sultan ? "

" That your son loves the princess and that he wants to merry her ! " replied Aladdin.

" Then you lay the present at his feet. Oh ! I beg you, Mother, if you don't do it, I think I will die ! "

Aladdin's mother was very frightened, but nonethless she went to tha palace the next day and knocked at the gate.

She held the present close to her heart: a large cupcontaining precious stones and diamonds, covered with a white cloth. 


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (11) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (11)

She was reassured to see that she was not alone.

Many people came to the palace, sometimes from afar, to ask the sultan for advice or a favor, and this happened almost every day.

After  a while they were admitted, one by one.

Aladdin's mother sat down in a corner and waited her turn.

But when it came, she felt too shyto speakand ran away.

Aladdin groaned when he saw her come back, completely confused and still carrying the gift.

She promised him that next day she would go to the sultan again.

Unfortunately, that next day the sultan had gone out hunting and Aladdin's mother found the palace doors shut.

Her son was so disappinted !
He thought he was going to die of a broken heart !

The third day, however, his mother did get in to see the sultan.
He received her as he was sitting on his magestic throne.    

He received her as he was sitting on his magestic throne.    

Aaddin and the Magic Lamp (12) [Aladdin]

Aaddin and the Magic Lamp (12)

Grandly he waved her closer and she bent down low to kiss his feet.

画像12-09-01 001.jpg

" What can I do for you, my good woman ? " he asked.

The poor woman trembled and was too scared to talk at first.

" Come, come ! What is it ? "he urged.

" Your Highness, " she finally said, " I am afraid that my demand will not please Your Majesty...It was so insane, so senseless... "

" I order you: talk ! " said the sultan who was becoming impatient with curiosity.
" Whatever you ask me, you will be forgiven. "

" Eh, well you see, " she said, " it is my son, Aladdin...he has seen... he wants to... "

But instead of finally admitting the truth, she lifted up the cloth that covered the diamonds, and said, " He wants to offer you this modest present. "

The sultan was startled: he had never seen such wealth !

Aladdin's mother took advantage of this and suddenly added, " My son loves your daughter. He is deeply in love with her and wants to marry her !"

He received her as he was sitting on his magestic throne.  

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (13) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (13)

Then she looked down at her feet、sure that the sultan would be furious and send her away...

But not at all !"
The treasure had such an effect on the sultan that he said, " Tell your son that my answer is yes ! "

画像12-09-01 002.jpg

It is not hard to imagine Aaddin's joy that eveing when his mother returned home.

He was going to marry the sultan's daughter !

But the next morning he received a message from the sultan which read:
" If young Aladdin wants my daughter's hand in marriage, he will have to bring me forty bowls filled with precious stones, peals and diamonds, carried by forty servants. "

" He has changed his mind, " said the mother to her son.

" I knew this would happenーhe has found out that we are really poor ! He doesn't want to admit that he broke his promise, so he asks you for things that you can't give. "

" Eh well, that remains to be seen ! " replied Aladdin, and he immediately looked for his magic lamp.


Aaddin and the Magc Lamp (14) [Aladdin]

Aaddin and the Magc Lamp (14)

As soon as he rubbed it, the ginie appeared.

画像12-09-01 003.jpg

”What do you want ? " he said, gruffly.

Aladdin told him and two seconds later, all the forty servants appeared.

The little house suddenly became overcrowded.

The servants looked splendid i their brilliant clothes, and on their heads they carried large silver bowls, filled to the brim with diamonds !

Aladdin commanded them to go to the palace to lay their treasures at the princess's feet.

Then he said to his mother, " Go with them. You will bring me the sultan's answer. "

Whe she came back from the palace after an hour, the good woman was crying.

Aladdin was scared out of his wits, thinking they had failed...but she soon put him right.

" Don't look so sad, you silly, these are tears of joy ! " she cried.

" When the sultan saw the servants arrive, he did not have a second thought   and cried out : ' Someone who can offer me so much wealth is worthy to marry the most beautiful  princess ! ' I am so proud of you, my son ! "


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (15) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (15)

Aladdin was thrilled.
He embraced his mother and danced her around the room.

" There is one little thing that worries me, " she said at last.
" The sultan's grand vizier alone was not happy.His son also had hoped to marry the princess. You will have to watch this man carefully inthe future. "

But Aladdin did not listen any more.
He took the magic lamp and rubbed it.

When the ginie appeared he commanded, " I want to take a bath ! "

He had hardly pronounces these words when he felt himself lifted by invisible hands and plunged into an immense basin overflowing with perfumed water.

What a marvelous bath !
How good he felt !
He came out clean and soft from head to toe.

Then he was dressed in magnifient clothes.

When his mother saw him she cried out because he looked so handsome.

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (16) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (16)

" This is only the beginning, " he said,smiling.

" The ginie has promised me a hundred servants and horse ! And for you, dear Mother, thirty loyal servants ! "

As soon as he had said the wrds everything appeared.

Aladdin had never ridden a horse before, but he mounted without any difficulty, for the ginie had thought of everything.

" To the sultan's palace, " he cried,urging the horse forward.

The horse obeyed and everyone followed him.

The people who saw this marvelous procession pass by could not believe their eyes, especially when servants began to throw gold pieces in the air !

画像12-09-01 008.jpg 
Long live Aladdin ! "cried the crowd, picking up the money.

Then the palace doors opened wide before him.

The sultan welcomed him.
He was not disappointed with the look of his future son-in-law and neither was Badroulboudour.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (17) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (17)

She looked at Aladdin from behind some screens and fell immediately in love with him.

She was at that time forbidden to show him her face:
according to the oriental custom in these days, she had to keep it veiled until the day they married.

Aladdin talked with her father.
Everything went well, and the sultan invited the young man and his mother to a magnificent feast.

" Glory to you, Aladdin ! "
 he said, raising his glass.
" You are worthy of my daughter  and I give you her hand in marriage ! When do you want the wedding ? "

" As soon as I have built a palace beautiful enough for her to live in ! " answered the young man.

" Well spoken ! " said the sultan, and he emptied his glass.

(17/25 続く)


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (18) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (18)

That evning at home, Aladdin's mother declared,
" Explain it to me, my son, because I don't understand.
For all this time you have been dreaming about just one thing: marrying the princess.
Now just as your dream comes true, you destroy everything by making a promise you can't keep !
Have you gone mad ?  "

" Not at all, " answered Aladdin, picking up the magic lamp.

Before the genie even had time to speak, Aladdin had already made his wish: a palace entirely made of marble, worthy of the pricess.

It should have walls decorated with diamonds, mosaic flooring, finished with everything of the finest quality, and surrounded by magnificent gardens !

The genie listened, not the least suprised.

When at last he spoke it was to ask, " And where do you want this palace to be situated ? "

" Opposite the sultan's palace, " answered Aladdin.

" Very well, " said the genie.
And with that, he vanished.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (19) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (19)

The next morning, the genie appeared and said to Aladdin, " Your palace is built. Do you want to visit it ? "

The young man was stupefied with this speed, but he noddedand second later he was transported to the palace.

It was exactly as he had commanded...but ten times larger, ten times more astonishing and more dazzling !

When he went inside, Aladdin noticed that numerous people were already busy: room maids, cooks, servants and guards.

Everyone made a deep bow when they saw him pass.

He could see the sultan's palace from the front window.
it was right across from his, as he had wished, with a long avenue in between.

The princess could easily see her father every day, even after she was married.

Aladdin was enchanted and thanked the genie warmly.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (20) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (20)

But someone in the sultan's palace wasn't pleased.

Not the princess, of course, neither her nor her father.

Indeed, when they woke up they both applauded at the sight of this miracle.

No, the person who complained, protested, raged and sighed was the grand vizier.

" That palace isn't real ! " he exclaimed to the sultan.
" it is a magic trick ! No one can build a palace in one night ! "

" Magic or not, it's there ! " replied the sultan.
" Thanks to Aladdin who is rich and powerful. Whatever you think, he deserves the princess and he will marry her tomorrow ! "

What was said was done.
The marriage took place the next morning in the sultan's palace, and next evning the newly-weds moved into their magnificent palace across the way.

And so began a beautiful love story.

The couple adored each other more and more and more every day, and Aladdin's mother, who lived nearby, got along very well with Badroulboudour.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (21) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (21)

Aladdin helped to govern the sultan's kingdam and, as time passed by, his subjects grew to love him more and more.

Every time he went to the mosque or he went hunting, he distributed gold pieces to the crowd.

Everyone in the country spoke highly of his kindness, hia generosity and his talent for keeping law and order.

He became so well known beyond the borders, the mountains and the seas that his name was even mentioned in Africa.

There, lived someone who knew him very well, but who thought he had been dead for many years: the wicked magician !

He remembered the lad as if it were yesterday.
If the poor Aladdin was rich now, it must be all thanks to the lamp he had found in the orchard.

The magician promised himself to recapture it !

By means of magic he soon arrived in the East.

There he swiftly disguised himself as a travelling merchant trading lamps.

Then, finding out that Aladdin had gone hunting, he began to prowl around his palace.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (22) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (22)

As he was walking, he shouted, " Who wants to exchange an old lamp for a new one ? "

Soon a window in the palace opened and a young servant appeard, waving a lamp.

The magician recognized the mgic lamp immediately.

He was so happy that he eft   twelve others in exchange for this one.

THe servant called out many thanks, but the magician was already gone, carrying the lamp with him.

As soo as he was out of sight of the palace, he rubbed the lamp.

" Command, and I obey ! " declared the genie when he appeared, for  he had no choice.

" I want you to tramsport Aladdin's palace to Africa, as fast as possible, " ordered the magician,
"with everything inside and all the people that work in it ! ”
His wish was granted immediately, and just two minutes later the powerful ginie flew off, carrying the magician, the palace and everything in it with him.

You can imagine poor Aladdin's face when he came home from hunting that night to find everything gone: no palace, no gaerdens, no furniture, no servant and , worst of all , no wife !


Aladdin and the Magic Lmp (23) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lmp (23)

Flantic with worry, he ran like a madman to the sultan's palace.

" Ah, there you are, crook ! " the sultan cried.

" Where's my daughter ? So, the grand vizier was right to curse your palace, saying it was just a magical trick ! Well,my fine young beggar, you have forty-five days to redeem yourself.
If my dear Badroulboudour still isn't back by then, you will be taken to the guillotine ! "

Aladdin inderstood the sultan's anger and decided that he had better leave.

He crossed te entire city, looking everywhere for Badroulboudour, but no one had seen her.

When he said that she had disappeared together with the palace, they thought he had gone mad.

He then went to neighboring towns and, litte by little, he serched the whole kingdom, but all in vain !

By the froty-third day, he was so tired and so desperate that when he saw a river, he decided to end it all.

Just before he reached it, he slipped and fell.

Now, all these years he had been wearing the magic ring and fogotten all about it.

Whe he fell, he rubbed the ring by accident and the ginie appeared at once.

" Here I am, what do you want ? " it asked.

" I want to see Badroulboudour again ! " cried Aladdin.

The genie granted his wish on the spot.
But to Aladdin's surprise, the genie took Aaddin with him to Africa.

THere was his marvelous palace, stood like an immense green oasis in the middle of the desert.


Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (24) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (24)

He approached the nearest window and knocked on it gently. 

A few seconds later, the princess herself opened it !

She was so happy to see Aladdin again.

画像12-09-13 001.jpg

She told him that she was a prisoner of the cruel magician who wanted to marry her against her will.

Aladdin was beside himself with joy to see her again.
Nonetheless, he was confused.

" Why are you not surprised to see me here ? " he asked.

" Last night I saw you in a dream, " replied Badroulboudour.
" Since then, I have been waiting for you. Come sinside, I have a plan. "

As soon as Aladdin was safely in the palace the beautiful girl told him her plan.

" At the moment the magician is not here, " she said.
" As soon as he comes back, you must hide. Tonight I will put a poison in his drink that a servant has bought for me. After that, it will be up to you to find us a way home again. "

" That's shouldn't be difficult ! " cried Aladdin.
" But first we will have to find a lamp that belongs to me and which must be in the hands of the wicked magician at this very moment. "

He had hardly said this when a door slammed.

" There he is ! " whispered Badroulboudour.
" Quickly, hide yourself ! "


Aladdin 全25回予定は、予定を1回オーバーしまして、全26回で完結する見込みです。
(26/25) はいかにも変ですが

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (25 続く) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (25 続く)

Aladdin jumped into a clothes chest and she closed it after him.

Time seemed to pass so slowly to the poor boy in his dark hiding place !

Many questions went throughhis head, and he even wondered if Badroulboudour had miscalculated her plan.

What if the deadly poison had no effect ?
What if the magician became suspicious and refused to drink ?

The more the time went by, the more impatient he became and the faster his heard began to beat !

At last he heard footsteps and listened carefully.

Did they belong to his wife or to the magician ?

Before he could give it another thought, the chest was opened: it was Badroulboudour !

And she smiled at him !

" Come and see ! " she cried.

He leapt out of the chest and walked behind her towards the dining room.

There he cried out with relief.

The magician lay dead on the floor and the magic lamp stood next to him !

" I found it when I went through his pockets, " explained the princess.

(25/25 ですが、最終回に続く)   

Aladdin and the Magic lamp (26 完) [Aladdin]

Aladdin and the Magic lamp (26 完)

”Now we are saved ! " cried Aladdin.

Then Aladdin took the lamp and rubbed it.

In less than a second the genie appeared.

”We want to return to our beautiful country ! " cried the happy young man.

He had hardly pronounced these words when the palace and the gardens, the servants and the furniture, wife and husband, were all taken up by the powerful genie and flown back home.

When the sultan opened the grand palace shutters the next morning, a marvelous sight greeted his astonished eyes.

He was beside himself with joy when he saw that Aladdin's palace had returned.

He didn't care a bit when the obstinate vizier repeated that it was just a magical trick, the sultan just hurried off to see his daughter.

Later on that day, a great feast was organized to celebrate Badroulboudour's and Aladdin's return, and if , amongst the laughter, one could sometimes hear some deep sighs, no one surprised: it was only a grand vizier !

(26 完)