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FULL HOUSE Michelle The BIg Turkey Escape (1) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE Michelle  The BIg Turkey Escape (1)

A Note from MIchelle about
  The Big Turkey Escape

Hi ! I'm Michelle Tanner. I'm nine years old.


And I'm spending my Thanksgiving on a real farm. Cool, right ?

Wrong !
Because my new best friendーTom the turkeyーis on the dinner menu !
I have to came up with a plan to save him.
I just have to.

No one in my whole family understnds how I feel about Tomーand I have a very big family.

There's my dad and my two older sisters, D.J  and Stephanie. But that's not all.

My mom died when I was little.
So my uncle Jesse moved in to help Dad take care of us.
So did Joey Gladstone. He's my dad's friend from college.

It's almost like having three dads. But tht's still not all !

First Uncle Jesse got married to BeckyDonaldson. Then they had twin boys, Nicky and Alex. The twins are four years old now. And they're so cute.

That's nine people. Our dog, Comet, makes ten.

Sure it gets kind of crazy sometimes.

But I wouldn't change it for anything. 

It's so much fun living in a full house !


このFULL HOUSE Michelle (フルハウスミシェル)は、人気TVシリーズのノベライズ版ですが、シリーズ本のあらすじご紹介に代えて、シリーズ中の一冊「The Big Turkey Escape」の、冒頭の部分(第1章)を、ご紹介します。

FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(2) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(2)


" Over the river and through the woods, to Aunt Becky's friend's house we go, " Michelle Tanner bellowed.

Michelle and her family were on their way to Oregon for Thanksgiving.

All nine of them were crammed into the van rented for the trip.

" The van knows the wayー" Michelle continued.

" Stop ! " Michelle's eighteen-year-old sister, D.J.,ordered.
" Stop right now ! You've sung that song about twenty times since we left San Francisco. "

" Stephanie likes this song, " Michelle protested.
She turned to her thirteen-year-old sisiter.
" Right ? "

Stephnie didn't answer.
She kept bobbing her head to some song on her Walkman.

Michelle twisted around in her seat and gave her uncle Jesse a big smile.

Josse would want her to keep singng. He loved music.
" You like this song, don't you ? " she asked.

" Uh, sure, " Jesse answered.
" But the twins just fell asleep. Maybe you should stop for a while. "

Michelle sighed.
The puff of air blew up the bangs of her long, strawberry-brond hair.

She granced at the four-year-old boys.
Thet looked so nice and comfy in their car seats.

I bet Nicky and Alex will sleep for hours, Michelle thought.
And I want to sing now.


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(3) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(3)

Joey Gladstone sat on the other side of the twins, fast asleep too.

His snoring is louder than my singing, Michelle thought.

But no one is telling him to be quiet.

Joey was her father's friend from college.
He lived with them.
And Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky and the twins lived on the third floor.

It is a very full house.
And now they were all taking a trip together.

Too bad Comet couldn't come, Michelle thought.
The Tanner's golden retriever was too big to squeeze into the van, so he was spending Thanksgiving at Michelle's best friend Cassi's house.

Michelle turned around soshe could talk to her dad and Aunt Becky in the front seat.

" I can't wait to get to the Andersons' farm, Aunt Becky. Cassie and Mandy are so jealousーespecially because I get to take the whole week off from school.

" There is a lot you can learn on a farm, " Danny Tanner told Michelle.
" Maybe you can give Mrs.Yoshida and the class a report when we get back. "

" Will there be cows on the farm ? " Michelle asked her dad.


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(4) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(4)

" Yes, " Danny replied.

" How about horses ? " Michelle asked.

" Lot of horses ! " Danny said.

" Pigs ? "

" Oh, I'm sure there will be a few pigs, " her dad answered.

" What about chickens ? "

" Definitely. "

" How about rabbits ? "

Michelle heard D.J. groan behind her, but she ignored her sister.

" Probably, " Danny said.

" Any sheep ? "

" Yes ! "

" Goats? "

" Yes, Yes, Michelle ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! "

" How about kangaroos ? "

" Yes, " Danny exclaimed.

Jesse, D.J., and Aunt Becky laughed.

Michelle cracked up.
" Gotcha, Dad ! "

" You tricked me ! " Danny cried.
He tried to sound upset, but Michelle could tell he though her joke was funny too.

" Hey look ! " Michelle shouted.
" There's a sign for a petting zoo ! Can we stop ? "

" No, " Danny said.
" when we get to the farm you can pet all the animals you want. "

" How much longer ? " Michelle asked.
" We've been in the car about a gazillion hours already. " 


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(5) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE Michelle The big Turkey Escape (5)

When they left home the sun wasn't even up, and now it was dark.

Sure, they stopped for lunchーbut Michelle couldn't stand being in the car one more second.

" We're almost there, " Aunt Becky told her.
" I remember that petting zoo sign from the last time I was here. I took the bus, and the zoo was the stop right before the farm. We're only a couple of miles away. "

Michelle bounced up and down on her seat.
Finally !

" Turn left up there, " Aunt Becky said.
Danny swung the van onto a narrow dirt road.

They drove down the road for a few minutes.

Michelle gazed out the window at acres and acres of farmland.
Cool, she thought.
We realy are out in the country !

" We are here ! " Aunt Becky cried.
" I can see Maria and Sam on the porch ! " Aunt Becky pointed up ahead to a big white farmhouse.

Danny parked the van in front of the house.


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(6) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE Michelle  The Big Turkey Escape (6)

Michelle could see a light shining on a red barn farther away.

This is going to be so much fun, she thought.
A real farm with a barn and everything.

Michelle poked Stephanie.
" Come on ! Let's get out ! "

Stephanie pulled off her Walkman and climbed out of the van.

D.J. and Michelle followed right behind her.

Then Jesse and Joey piled out.

They each carried one of the twins, who were both still asleep.

A short woman with curly brown hair ran up to Aunt Becky and gave her a big hug.

A skinny man in jeans and blue shirt kissed her on the cheek.

" Everybody, " Aunt Becky called.
"This is Sam and Maria. I've known Maria since I was Michelle's age!
 We went to grade school together."

Whoa !

Michelle thought.
Maybe someday I'll be visiting Cassie Or Mandy for Thanksgiving.
It was weild to think of either of her two
best friends living in a different stateーand hardly ever seeing them. 

" You two go in the house and catch up on things, " Sam said to Maria and Aunt Becky.
" I'll help everyone ge settled. "

Aunt Becky and Maria headed inside, talking and laughing.


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(7) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

HULL HOUSE Michelle  The Big Turky Escape (7) 

Danny opened  the van's back door and started unloading the suitcases.

Hssss ! Hssss !

Michelle spun around.

And saw a huge goose headed toward her.

It stretched its wing straight out.
It opened its sharp beak wide.

Michelle couldn't stop staring at the inside of goose's mouth.

Hsss !
The goose anapped its beak at Michelle.

And then it lunged at her !

" Helllp ! It's going to bite me ! " she screeched.

Hsss ! Hsss !

Michelle tried to run away.

But the goose ran faster.

She felt her tennis shoe slide scross a patch of mud.

She waved her arms, trying catch her balance.

Too late.

Splat !

Michelle plopped down in a gooey puddle of mud !

今回出てきましたのはgoose でTurky はまだでてきません。 

FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turky Escape (8) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turky Escape (8)


Sam rushed up and shooed away the goose.

" Are you okay ? " Danny asked.
He ran over and helped Michelle to her feet.

" I think so, " she answered.

Mud covered her hands.
It soaked through her light blue sweater.
It dripped down the legs of her jeans.

" come on ! " D.J. tugged Michelle into the house.
" I'll help you clean up. "

Michelle washed off the mud and changed her clothes.

Then everyone sat down around the big wooden kitchen table for a bite to eat.

Michelle liked flowered cushions tied to the chairs and the matching curtains.

" Michelle, you sure made a big splash out there ! " Jesse joked.

" Yes, you did, you silly goose ! " Joey added.

D.J. groaned.
" That's so lame, Joey. "

Michelle fet glad when everyone started teasing Joey about his bad jokes.
She didn't want to hear another word about how funny she looked covered in mud.


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(9) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

HULL HOUSE MICHELLE  The Big Turky Escape (9)

When they finished eating, Maria showed the girls to their room.

She told them it was where her nieces stay when they come to visit.

It was huge, with three beds and three dressers.
The beds were covered with beautiful colorful quilts, and on the floor was a colorful rug with a picture of farmhouse woven into it.

" I think it's going to be a great week, " Stephanie said.

" Don't you Michelle ? " she snapped off the light and crawled into the bed next to Michelle's.

" Yeah, sure , " Michelle grumbled.
She snuggled down under the flowered quilt.
" My first day on the farm and I get attaked by a goose ! "

D.J. snorted.

" It's not funny ! " Michelle cried.
She sat up and threw her pillow at D.J.
It didin't go far enoughーit hit Stephanie instead.

Stephnie threw the pillow back at Michelle.
" Go to sleep. I'm sure we'll find something fun to do tomorrow. "

I just hope the rest of the animas on this farm aren't as mean as that goose ! Michelle thought as she drifted off to sleep.


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape(10) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

HULL HOUSE Michelle  The Big Turky Escape (10)

Michelle woke up with her heart pounding.

What was that sound ?

She listened closely.

There it was agan.

A rustling sound.

Is something in the room with us ?
It was too dark to tell.

" Stephanie ? D.J. ? " she called softly.
" Is that you ? "

No answer.

Then something bumped against the door.

Okay, Michelle told herself.
Whatever it is is outside our bedroom.

She heard another bump.
But it's trying to set in !

Michelle wanted to wake her sisiters.
But they would call her a baby if she did.

Michelle quickly got dressed.
Then she peeked into the hallway.
Nothing there.

But she thought she saw something darting down the stairs.
Something with feathers.

Michelle hesitated for a minuteーthen she hurried down the stairs after it.
She had to find out what it was.


HULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turky Escape (12) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

HULL HOUSE Michelle  The Big Turky Escape (12)

" Michelle ! What are you doing up so early ? "

Michelle turned and saw Maria standing in the kitchen doorway.
" Did you see it ? " she cried.

" See what ? " Maria asked.

" I don't know, " Michelle answered.
" Some kind of animal, I think. It was trying to get into our room, and I followed it down here. "

" You must have been dreaming, " Maria said.
" Sometimes I have dreams so real, I'm sure they really happened. Sam always laughs at me. "

" No ! " Michelle exclaimed.
" I know I heard something. Listen ! "

Michelle and Maria stood very still, listening hard.


" Why don't youlie down on the couch, " Maria suggested.
She led the way into the living room.
" it's too early for you to be up. "

Michelle curled up the couch.
Maybe I was dreaming,she thought.

" I'll be right back with a blanket, " Maria said.


HULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turky Escape (13) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

HULL HOUSE Michelle  The Big Turky Escape (13)

As soon as Maria left the room, Michelle heard another sound behind the couch.

Scratch !  Scratch ! Scratch !

Oh, no ! It's in here with me !

Scratch !  Scratch ! Scratch !

And it has claws.

Michelle opened her mouth to scream for Mariaーthen she snapped it shut again.

If I yell, the animal will know I'm here, she thought.
And then it will come 

Michelle waited.

Trying not to move.
Trying no to breathe too loud.  

No rushing sound.
No scratching.

Maybe it's gone.I'll just ake a tiny peek. Mihelle thought.

She inched her way up until she could over the back of the couch.

A pair of the meanest  eyes she had ever seen glared back at her !

" Maria ! " Michelle screamed.
" It's in here ! "

Maria ran into the living room.
" Hey ! You were right, Michelle. I shoud have known. That Turky is always sneaking into the house ! " she exclaimed.

Turkey ?

Michelle sat all the way up  and stared the creature.

Yep, it was a turkey all right.


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape (14) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE MichelleThe Big Turkey Escape (14)

Maria snapped open the banket.

She flapped it at the turkey.
" Shoo ! " she cried.

" Shoo ! "

Michelle followed Maria as she herded the big turkey through the kitchen and out the door.

" Can I stay up with you ? " Michele asked.
" I don't think I can fall back asleep now. "

" Sure, " Maria said.
" You can help me miake breakfast. I have a special job for you. I bet it's something you'll like. "

Maria pulled a large basket down from the kitchen caibnet and handed it to Michelle.
" Take this over to the barn and collect some fresh eggs. "

" That's sound like fun ! Where are they ? " Michelle asked.
" How many should I get ? "

" They are easy to find, " Maria said.
" They are right in the chicken boxes. Bring back about two dozen. "


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape (15) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE Michelle  The Big Turkey Escape (15)

Maria pulled a sweatshirt and a wool hat out of the kitchten closet.
" Put these on. It's cold out there. "

Michelle slipped them on and headed out the door.
" I'll be right back with the eggs, " she called.

The cold air stung Michelle's fongers and nose as she raced toward the barn.

She passsed a brigh green tractor.

It's tires were huge !
I bet it woud be fun to ride sitting up so high, she thought.

She strugged open the big barn door, them slammed it shut behind her.

It sure smells funny in here, she thought, sniffig the air.
She gazed around the barn, searching for the chickens.

" Ah-ha ! There they are ! " she said,spotting them at the farenf of the barn.

Michelle began to walk toward the chickens.
She slowly made her way between two raws of cows to get there.

She studied the animals as she walked.
They were huge.

I bet they could smash down their stalls with their hooves, Michelle thought.


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape (16) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE Michelle  The Big Turkey Escape (16)

But most of the cows had their eyes closed.

They are probably still asleep, she thought.
Nothing to worry about.

Michelle took deep breath and hurried across the barn.
None of the cows even mooed at her.

So far, so good, she thought.

Michelle studied the chickens.
There were about fifteen of them, and each sat on a nest of straw resting in a wooden box.

The wooden boxes were lined up on shelves.

It was like looking at a cupboad full of chickens !

But they weren't the ute, fuzzy little chicks Michelle had seen in the pet stores at Easter time.

These chickens were Bigーwith sharp beaks.

Well, at last they're smaller than the goose and turkey, Michelle thought.

She crept up to the closest chicken.
It was brown and red with litle black eyes.

Mean little black eyes.

I guess I just have to stick my hand in and get the eggs.
" Nice chicken ! Nice, nice chicken ! "

Michelle set down her basket.
She slid her fingers past the soft, smooth chicken feathers.

The chicken didin't seem to mind, but all Michelle could feel was straw.


FULL HOUSE Michelle The Big Turkey Escape (17) [FULL HOUSE Michelle]

FULL HOUSE Michelle  The Big Turkey Escape (17)

She inched her fingers in a little farther.

She felt something warm, and round, and hard.

Eggs ! Yes !

Michelle grabbed an egg in each hand.

She pulled them outーand knocked te chicken right off its nest.

The chicken flew at Michelle.
Its feathers flapped against her face.

She coudn't see.

She threw her hands up to protect her eyes.

Splat ! Splat !

Both the eggs hit the floor.

the chicken flew back to its shelfーand knocked into another chicken.

Squawk ! Squawk ! Squawk !

The other chicken flapped itswing wildly, which upset the rest of chickens.

They all began to pecking and squawking and flapping.

Hay and fearthers filled the air.

One pecked at Michelle's shoe.
Another one nipped her fingers.

" Stop it !Stop it ! "she cried, rying to edge away.

She backed into the nests andーsplat !

An egg tumbled from one and landed right on her head.

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