The Sun (1) [The Sun]

The Sun (1)

At night you can see a lot of stars because the sky is dark.
Many of the bright objects in the night sky are not stars but whole galaxies.

When the sky is bright, you can also see a star.
It is the sun.

The sun is our daytime star.
It is also the star closest to us.
It is halfway through its life cycle and will last another five billion years. 

The sun is very big.
It is much bigger than Earth.

The sun is almost a million miles across.

If Earth was the size of pea, the sun would be the size of a beach ball.

And, you remember, the sun is our nearest star.
It takes eight minutes for light to travel grom our daytime star to Earth.

It takes four years for light from the nearest nighttime star to reach us.
Most of the stars are much farther away than that.