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The Swan and the Crow (1) [Swan and Crow]

The Swan and the Crow (1)

A beautiful swan lived in a peepal tree.

He was friendly to all the birds living in that tree.
He enjoyed helping them in all their work.

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One day, a crow came to live in that peepal tree.

"Do not make friends with this crow, " said a friend, trying to warn the swan.
" You had better be careful. "

" Ah ! What are you afraid of ? " said the swan, ignoring the warning.

" All right, " said the friend.
" You are free to do as you like. I don't have time to argue with you. I have a lot of work to do. "

The swan went to the crow and said, " My dear crow, you have just come to live here. If you need anything, please come to me. "

Then turning his long neck gracefully towards a branch, he said, " There... I live on that branch. "


The Swan and the Crow (2) [Swan and Crow]

The Swan and the Crow (2)

In this way, the swan and the crow became friends.

The friend once again said to the swan, "One should make friends with one's equals. There was no comparison between you and the crow. You are as white as milk and the crow is so black ! Look, how handsome you are ! And the ugly. You love pease and the crow is so noisy ! "

The swan smiled and said, " One is known by the company oe keeps. The crow will soon improve his nature in my company. Remember, always try to see the good qualities in others. "


The Swan and the Crow (3) [Swan and Crow]

The Swan and the Crow (3)

" Oh, my dear ! " said the friend, a little disappointed.
" Show me at least one good quality in the crow. "

The swan said,
" The cuckoo stealthly leaves her eggs in the crow's nest. Yet Mother crow hatches them !
And Father crow looks after the babies !
He doesn't allow anyone to come near the fledglings.
If someone even tries to do so, the crow starts cawing loudly, pecks him with his beak and scares him away. "

Soon the swan and the crow became the best of friends.

They were always seen together.
They spent their time flying here and there, or talking to each other.

They enjoyed themselves together.


The Swan and the Crow (4) [Swan and Crow]

The Swan and the Crow (4)

One day, the swan was sitting on a branchof the peepal tree.

It was a hot summer afternoon.

Suddenly, a tired traveller came to the tree.
" Ah ! The cool shade of peepal tree ! "he said, as he lay himself down under the tree.

Soon he was fast asleep in the cool shadeof the tree.

As the sun began to move westwards, the rays of the sun fell on the traveller's face.

When the swan noticed this, he felt pity for the tired traveler.

At once, he spread his big white wings over the traveller's face to protect him from the scorching heat.


The Swan and the Crow (5 完) [Swan and Crow]

The Swan and the Crow (5 完)

After some time, the traveller woke up.

He stretched himself and yawned.

The crow was perched next to the swan.
He shed his droppings on the traveller's face and sat on another branch.

The traveller looked up.
He saw the swan sitting on a branch with his wings spread wide !

The traveller
took a stone and hurled it at the swan.

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Poor swan !

He was so badly wounded that he fell off the branch with a thud.

The crow who was sitting on another branch flew away, cawing loudly.


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