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The Deer and the Fox (1) [The Deer and the Fox]

The Deer and the Fox (1)

In a lovely forest, there once lived a deer under a tree.

A crow had built his nest in that tree.

The deer and the crow were the best of friends.
They shared each other's joys and sorrows.

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The fox went to the deer and said, " Hello, friend ! How are you ? "

" Who are you ? " asked the deer.

With a pitiable expression on his face, the fox said, " I am an orphan. I am all alone in this world. I have no friend. Oh, I feel so lonly. "

Saying this, the fox pretended to cry.
" Will you be my friend ? " he asked the deer.


The Deer and the Fox (2) [The Deer and the Fox]

The Deer and the Fox (2)

The deer was gullible.
Feeling sorry for the Fox, he said, " All right. I will be your friend. "

The deer took the fox to the tree under which he lived.

When the crow saw the fox, he asked the deer, " Friend, who is this animal with you ? "

" This is a fox, " said the deer.
" He want to be our friend. Poor fox ! He is all alone in the world. "

The crow said, " It is not advisable to make friends with someone you come across suddenly. You should not trust strangers. "

The fox pretended to be angryand said, " When you and deer met for the first time, weren't you strangers to each other? "

Before the crow could say anything, the deer said, " There is no need to argue with one another. The more the merrier. The three of us will enjoy ourselves together and live happily. "

" All right, " said the crow, rather unwillingly.

スミマセン 、遅くなりました。   

The Deer and the Fox (3) [The Deer and the Fox]

The Deer and the Fox (3)

One da, when the crow was away, the fox said to the deer, " Aren't you fed up of eating the same food in this forest every day ? " Come with me. I will show you a field full of rich harvest. "

Saying this, the fox took the deer to a field far away from the forest.

The deer enjoyed eating the nourishing grains in the field.

Now this became a daily routine for the fox and the deer.

Every day, they would go to the field together.

While the deer fed on the grains, the fox would hide himself behind a tree.
After the deer's stomach was full, both would return to the forest.

急ですが、1 回伸びて、全5回になります。

The Deer and the Fox (4) [The Deer and the Fox]

The Deer and the Fox (4)

One day, the owner of the field spread a net to trap the deer.

When deer entered the field to eat the grains, his legs got caught in the net.

He was frightened and nervous.

He looked at the fox who was hiding himself behind a tree.

" Friend, " pleaded the deer, " please cut this net with your sharp teeth so that both of us can escape safely. "

The fox said, " Well, I am fasting today. The knots of the net are made from the muscles of an animal. So how i can put them in my mouth ? Tomorrow morning, I will cut the net and set you free. Do not misunderstand me. "

The fox then thought, " I hope the owner of the field comes here soon and kills the deer. I can then feast on his tasty flesh. "

Meanwhile, the crow was waiting for the deer to return.

" Why hasn't the deer come back yet ? " he thought.

Serching for the deer, the crow came to the field.
He was shocked to see the deer caught in the net.

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" Oh ! " exclaimed the crow.
" how did this happen to you ? "

The deer said, " This is the result of not heeding your advice. "


The Deer and the Fox (5 完) [The Deer and the Fox]

The Deer and the Fox (5 完)

" And where is that cunning fox ? " asked the crow.

" There... " said the deer pointing to the tree behind which the fox was hiding.
" He is hiding himself there and waiting to feast on my flesh. "

Just then the crow saw the owner of the field coming there with a stick in his hand.

The crow said to the deer, " Friend, lie down on the ground and pretend to be dead. As soon as you hear my cawing, get up and start running fast. "

Heeding the crow's advice, the deer lay himself down, pretending to be dead.

When the owner of the field saw the lifeless deer, he mumbled, " Oh no ! Poor animal. It is dead. "

He then freed the deer from the net and began to fold the net.

" Caw...  Caw... " The crow started cawing loudly.

At once the deer leaped up and started running fast.

The owner of the field was astonished.
He threw his stick at the escaping deer.

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But the stick hit the fox instead.
It hit him so hard on the head that he fell down with a thud and died instantly.

(5/5 完)

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