Sinbad (1) [Sinbad]

Sinbad (1)

Once upon a time, in the faraway city of Bagdad, there llived a young man whose name was Sinbad.

He longed for adventure, and that is why he sailed the seven seas.

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One day, Sinbad
sailed away on one of many journeys.

After many days at sea, his ship dropped anchor at tiny island, and Sinbad and the other sailers stepped ashore to look around.

All at once, the island seemed to grow and rise up out of the water.

It was no island, but a monster whales !

Suddenly, the whale took a great dive beneth the waves; and everyone fell off into the sea.

All the other sailors managed to swim back to the ship, but poor Sinbad was left behind floating in the water, clinging to a piece of driftwood.

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Sinbad (2) [Sinbad]

Sinbad (2)

After a while he was washed ashore on another island.

He ran across the sandy beach and climbed the tallest palm tree, to try to see his ship.

But alas, Sinbad had been left all alone, and his ship was nowhere to be seen.

As he gazed from the tree, Sinbad noticed a huge white egg on the sand. 


He slid down the trunk to take a better look.

All of sudden, a big black shadow passed over him.

There, circling overhead, was a great white birdーalmost as big as the island.

" Now's  my chance to escape, " thought Sinbad.

And when the great white bird flew down onto its egg, Sinbad unwound his turban and tied himself onto the bird's gigantic leg.


Sinbad (3) [Sinbad]

Sinbad (3)

Sure enough, the bird flew off carying Sinbad wih him.
His plan was worked.

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The great bird flew high into the air, through deep valleys, and over mountains, until at last it landed, and Sinbad could untie his turban and escape.

The boy found himself in a dry river bed, surrounded by steepcliffs too difficult to climb.
He was trapped again.

" How did I get myself into this mess ? " Sinbad cried out loudly, his voice echoing around the cliffs.

All of 
sudden, there came a loud hissing noise.

All sround poor Sinbad large serpents slithered across the floor.

Underneath the snakes were huge diamonds and gemsーsome as big as Sinbad himself.

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At the sight of so much treasure, Sinbad's eyes opened wide.

Then he remembered the snakes and ran to the nearest cave for safety.


Sinbad (4) [Sinbad]

Sinbad (4)

" I can hear voices, " cried Sinbad in delight.
" Someone is here to rescue me. "

The boy looked up and saw faces peering over the edge of the cliffs.

Men were throuwing something onto the rocks below.

Could it be huge pieces of meat ?

At once, Sinbad understood what was happening.

These men threw lumps of meat onto the diamonds near the snakes, then the mountain eagles would swoop down, grab the meat, and carry it back to their nests.

Sometimes a few of diamonds would stick to the meat, and then the men would grab the gems from the eagle's nests.

Sinbad waited for the biggest bird to swoop down.
He grabbed the largest diamond he could find and clung onto the bird's legs with all his might.

And that is how our adventurer, Sinbad, escaped the snakes.
And that is how he came to be sitting in an eagle's nest with the beggest diamond of them all.


Sinbad (5) [Sinbad]

Sinbad (5)

Sinbad returned home a rich man.

After a while he got tired of doing nothing ad made up his mind to set sail on another voyage.

After many days at sea, his ship dropped anchor in the harbour of a large city.

When the p
eople saw Sinbad and his crew, thet begged him for help.

" Our markets are quite empty of fruit. We have nothing to sell and nothing to buy, " they moaned.
" We have no coconuts or dates, no pomegranates or figs, not even one banana. "

Sinbad looked puzzled, until the people explained,
" Our trees are so tall and smooth, it is impossible for anyone to climb them, except monkeys. "

" leave it to us, " laughed Sinbad and his sailers.
And they set off to find the trees in the forest.


Sinbad (6) [Sinbad]

Sinbad (6)

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When the ship's crew saw the monkeys who lived in the top branches, it gave them an idea.

The sailors looked around for stones, which they threw at the monkeys, who thought it was some sort of game.

The mischievous monkeys pelted the sailors with coconuts and fruit, who, in turn, filled up great sacks with them.

They returned to the city and gave the food to the hungry people.
Everyone was very grateful.

 Sinbad and his crew sailed away with many presents and thanks from the city.


Sinbad (7) [Sinbad]

Sinbad (7)

No sooner had Sinabd gone back home to Bagdad, than the Caliph sent for him.

"Set sail at once, " he commanded, " and take these gifts to my friend the Sultan of Tasmir Island. "

So once more, Sinbadn and his crew put to sea.

But alas, on the way, the ship was attacked by pirates, who captureed all on board.

At the very next port these cruel pirates sold Sinbad and his crew as slaves.

Sinbad was brouht by a wealthy merchant who had a lovely daughter.

" Slave, " grinned the merchant.
" I have a very dangerous task for you, " and he dragged Sinbad deep into the forest.


Sinbad (8) [Sinbad]

Sinbad (8)

In the deep forest, the merchant handed Sinbad the bow and arrow and pushed him up a tree.

The merchant commanded,
" In a few moments the biggest elephant in the world will pass this way to drink at the river.
Use this bow and arrow and shoot him, "

And then he ran away.

All at once, Sinbad could feel the trees shaking.

Thundering down the path came an enormous elephant with gleaming tusks.


Sinbad shook with fright.


Sinad (9) [Sinbad]

Sinad (9)

The poor boy trembled so much that he lost his balance and fell out of the tree.

He landed on top of the elephant and slid down his trunk onto the ground.

Sinad closed his eyes tight, for he was certain the elephant's great foot woulf crush him to a pulp.

A soft voice was speaking to the great elephant, it was the merchant's daughter.

She was standing in the middleof the forest
patchーfeeding him bread and fruit from a silver dish.

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The Three Little Pigs (9) [Sinbad]

The Three Little Pigs (9)

The two young Little Pigs watched the ig bad Wolf as he came nearer to the house.

The older Little Pig was bustling round by the fireplace.

" I think this will soon put a stop to his games, " said the third Little pig.

He had quickly made a fire and it was beginning to burn well.

He moved a huge pot onto the fire and filled it with water.

He rubbed his hands together.

" What are we going to do ? " cried the two Little Pigs.

" listen, you can hear him. He's on the roof. What shall we do ? "

" Nothing, " said their brother.
" I've done it. Wait and see what happens. After this we won't be bothered by the Big bad Wolf again. "


Sinbad (10 完) [Sinbad]

Sinad (10 完)

Sinbad could hardly believe his eyes.

" Don't be afraid, " said the girl.

" I come here every night to feed this beautiful creature.
 My father is a cruel man.
 He wants to kill my elephant and cut off his tusks to sell for ivory. "

When the girl put her arms around the beast's great trunk, Sinbad could see how gentle the elephant was.

" Come, " smiled Sinbad, " let us escape from here. "

Quickly he helped the girl onto the elephant.

" We will ride away this very night on the elephant's back, and he will carry us back home to Bagdad. "

So off they went together travelling over many miles and many lands, until they arrived back safely...and lived happily ever after.

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