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The Ugly Duckling (1) [The Ugly Duckling]

The Ugly Duckling (1)

It was summertime.

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The sky was blue and the air was filled with the scent of meadow flowers.

The sound of bees buzzing from flower to flower made Mother Duck feel very sleepy.

She had been sitting on her nest all summer long, hidden deep in the reeds on the edge of a pond.

The Mother Duck felt rather lonely all by herself.

" I do wish my ducklings would hatch, " she sighed.
" then I would have someone to talk to  and  join me in a dip in the pond. "

At long last the eggs began to crack open.

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First one, then another and another, until all the ducklings had popped out of their shells.

Their soft yellow down soon dried out in the warm summer sun.

In next to no time they were all eager to discover their new world.


The Ugly Duckling (2) [The Ugly Duckling]

The Ugly Duckling (2)

The baby duckling jumped out of their nest and ran into the reeds.

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Some of them hid, and of course, some of them got lost.

" Peep, peep ! What a big world, " they all cried darting everywhere.

Poor Mother Duck felt quite muddled.

" A bit of peace and quiet is what I need, " she quacked as she waddled back to her nest to rest.

It was then she noticed one egg that had not hatched.

" How strange, " she thought.

" This egg is so big, it doesn't look like mine at all. "

But she sat down all the same, just to keep it warm.

At last the big egg cracked.

Out tumbled a duckling twice as big as the rest.

Sad to say compared to the other, he could only be described as ugly.

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The Ugly Duckling (3) [The Ugly Duckling]

The Ugly Duckling (3)

Poor Mother Duck as she gazed at her huge duckling, " How big and ugly you are. Now a bit like the other. "

It was time to take her new family down to the pond for a swim.

One by one the ducklings jumped into the water with a splash.

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Then up they bobbed, swimming along beautifullyーespecially the Ugly Duckling.

How quickly they could swim across the pond, following their mother in a straight line.

" What a beautiful place the world is, " cheeped the ducklings.

Then one by one they hopped out of the pond and into the farmyard.


The Ugly Duckling (4) [The Ugly Duckling]

The Ugly Duckling (4)

What a noisy place it was.

Full of ducks and hens pushing and pecking at each other, and fighting over every scrap of food i the place.

Sad to say, nobody liked the Ugly Duckling.

Perhaps it was because he was different, and not soft and fluffy like all the other baby birds.

"He's so ugly, " crucked one old hen.
" I've never seen anything so awkward in all my days. "

And she tried to peck the Ugly Duckling's leg.

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This made the poor duckling feel terribly unhappy.
" I am so ugly, I will go far away so no-one can look at me. "


The Ugly Duckling (5) [The Ugly Duckling]

The Ugly Duckling (5)

So he ran through the field until he came to the marshes where wild ducks lived.

But he found no welcome there !

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They hissed at him and stabbed at him with their beaks until he ran away again.

As darkness fell the Ugly Duckling came to an old cottage.

He crept under the door and stayed all night in the warmth.

Next morning an old woman with a cat and a hen found him.

" Can you lay duck eggs ? " she asked.

The Ungly Duckling shook his head.

" Then you'll have to go, " snarled the cat as she chased him out the door.

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The Ugly Duckling (6) [The Ugly Duckling]

The Ugly Duckling (6)

And so  the Ugly Ducklig made up his mind to find a place to hide where no-one would see how ugly he was.

For weeks and weeks he lived alone by a lake.

Summer had gone and winter was on its way.

One evening a flock of lovely white birds flew overhead.

The Duckling gazed up at them in wonder.

" If only I could be beautiful as that ! " and began to cry.

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That night was so cold that the lake turned to ice.

THe Ugly Duckling was so tired he fell asleep and froze fast to the ice.


The Ugly Duckling (7) [The Ugly Duckling]

The Ugly Duckling (7)

Very early next day, luckily for the ugly Duckling, a passing farmer found him.


He cracked the ice with his stick and freed the duckling.

He pushed him insie his warm jacket and carried him home to his wife.

" I could fatten him up, " she said.
" in a few weeks he'll make a fine roast dinner ! "

Unfortunately, the famer's two children were very naughty.

All day long they chased the duckling round the kitchen trying to grab him.


One dreadful day they chased him so much that he flew into a milk churn.

The famer's wife screamed and almost hit him with a poker.

He tried to escape but landed right in the middle of a barrel of flour.

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In the upset that followed, the Ugly Duckling darted out of kitchen door, and never stopped until he reached a peacefull lake.

There he stayed, sad and lonely all winter long, until spring came.


lomely→ lonly 訂正しました

The Ugly Duckling (8 完) [The Ugly Duckling]

The Ugly Duckling (8 完)

Somehow the warm sun made the duckling feel glad to be alive.

As he swam out of his hiding place in the reeds, three snow white swans glided toward him.

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The Ugly Duckling bowed his head, waiting for them to peck and hiss at him.

It was then he saw his reflection in the water.

No longer was he a big clumsy Ugly Ducklingーbut a graceful white swan.

" Fly away with us, " said the swans.

So happy at last, the new swan spread his wings and flew away with them across the lake.


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