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A Dog and a Cat Went Out Together (1 完) [A Dog and a Cat]

A Dog and a Cat  Went Out Together (1 完)

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A Dog and a Cat went out together,
To see some friends just out of town;

Said the cat to the dog,
" What d'ye think of the weather ? "
※d'ye  do you
" I think ma'an, the rain will come down;
 ※ma'an /mˈæm,mάːm/  英国では、女王,貴族夫人など身分の上な女性に対する呼び掛けに用いられる

 But don't be alarmed, for I've an umbrella,
 That will shelter us both " said this amiabe fellow. 

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A Dog and a Cat ブログトップ