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Reynard the Fox and the Fishermen (1) [Reynard and Fishermen]

Reynard the Fox and the Fishermen (1)

It was winter and Reynard the Fox had no more food in his store.

Driven by starvation, he roamed near the villages without fearing the inhabitants.

He hid under a hedge at the side of the main road, waiting for something exciting to happen.

Soon a little cart came along the road.

In it were two fishermen who wanted to do business in the city.
They had a huge catch of fresh herrings to sell, for the north wind had been blowing the whole week and the fish were plentiful.
※ herring ニシン

They also had baskets filled to the brim with fish, large and small, from the lakes and from the rivers; pike, eel, carp. trout and salmon.

Reynard got very excited at the sight and the smell of the fish cart and decided that this was his chance.


Reynard the Fox and the Fishermen (2) [Reynard and Fishermen]

Reynard the Fox and the Fishermen (2)

So he stretched himself out in the middle of the road as if he were dead.

He put his feet in the air, closed his eyes and held his breath.


One of the fishermen noticed him and said to his partner, " Let's pick up that fox. That's a good skin, easily gained ! "

They approached Reynard cautiously, touched hi and then turned hi over, certain that he was dead.

Then they estimated the value of his skin.
" We will sell it for three silver pieces, " said one.
" No, we will easily get four silver pieces for it, " said the other.
" Maybe more ー look how white the throat is ! "

They threw Reynard into the back of the cart and continued on their way, talking cheerfully.


Reynard the Fox and the Fishermen (3) [Reynard and Fishermen]

Reynard the Fox and the Fishermen (3)

Reynard heard the talking and had a good laugh to himself at the bottom of the cart.

He lay flat on his stomach on top of the baskets, and, with his sharp teeth, he nibbled at a  juicy herring.
Then he ate thirty more.
He crunched the raw fish, bone and all, between his teeth.

It didn't bother Reynard that there was no salt, herbs or mustard !

The first basket was soon emptied, then he started on the second one.
He picked out half a dozen eels that were strung together through their gills to form a loop.

Reynard put his head and throat through the loop.


Reynard the Fox and the Fishermen (4 完) [Reynard and Fishermen]

Reynard the Fox and the Fishermen (4 完)

Then he arranged the eels securely on his back and jumped down from the cart, at the same time shouting to the fishermen, " Goodbye and have a safe trip home ! I only took a couple of eels and I gladly leave you the rest ! "

The fishermen jumped down to follow him shaking their fists and hitting their heads.

" How could we have been so stupid ! To the devil with this evil beast !  " they cried.

But Reynard ran much faster than they could and easily escaped.

When they returned to their cart, completely exhausted, all they found were empty baskets.

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Reynard and Fishermen ブログトップ