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River life in Africa (1) [River life in Africa]

River life in Africa (1)


The river have always been the great highways through the African jungle.

Since long before white man came to Africa, native tribesman have traveled on them from one place to another in their crude rafts an dug-out canoes.

Today, the rivers are still the chief roads that carry the country's products from the interior to the sea.

The rivers of the wind in an out through the lush wilderness  like great green-brown snakes.

The largest of these jungle  river's the Congo.
Nearly 3,000 miles long and in places eight to nine miles wide, it crosses the equator twice and drains an area of central Africa about half as large as the entire United States.  


River life in Africa (2) [River life in Africa]

River life in Africa (2)

The Niger, almost as long drains a similar area to the west and north.
※Niger ニジェール川

Feeding water into these two big rivers are hundreds of small tributaries that catch the flew from the rain-drenched highlands and sent it rushing down to the sea.

Freight and passenger steamers ply up and down all the rivers that are deep enough for navigation.

Most of these rivers, however, including the Niger and the Congo are interrupted by cataracts and rapids, which make navigation impossible. 

In the early days of European colonization, native porters unloaded the cargoes and carried them around these obstacles.

Today, roads and railways have been built to do is job.


River life in Africa (3) [River life in Africa]

River life in Africa (3)

Almost all of the population of central Africa lives on the rivers, and the big city like Leopoldville , capital of the Belgian Congo, and Brazzaville, capital of French Equatorial Africa, are situated on their banks.

Like the human population, most of the jungle animals also live near the rivers.

And it is on the banks of the smaller rivers that thread their way through the great rain-forest that the world's greatest wild animal show gives a continuous performance day and night.

Here the jungle grows down to the water's edge, and here the forest animals come to drink, to hunt and to play.

The shy bushbuck, with his pretty white strips and delicate horns, raises his head and looks around for signs of danger between each sip.



River life in Africa (4) [River life in Africa]

River life in Africa (4)

That curious antelope, the sitatunga, dives, swims under water and hides from his enemies by lying submerged with only his eyes and his nostrils projecting above the surface.

The Leopard lies in wait among the needs for a tasty meal of antelope steak to come his way.

The long legged serval, a beautifully-spotted jungle cat , prowls on the lookout for big birds or hares.

Birds of all colors and kinds, large and small, come cautiously to the river and look about nervously as they drink.


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River life in Africa (5) [River life in Africa]

River life in Africa (5)

Herds of hippopotamuses ー their name means " river horse ー wade in the shallows, grazing on the weeds and grass that grow on muddy bottoms.

Baby hippos ride calmly on their mothers' backs where they were safe from the hungry crocodiles.

Sometimes a big crocodile suns himself in the mud of the riverbank with his mouth open, while his little friend, the Egyptian Plover or, as he is sometimes called, the crocodile guardian alight upon the crocodile's back.

Some people say that this bird picks the crocodile' needle-sharp teeth, but this has never been proven.


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River life in Africa (6 完) [River life in Africa]

River life in Africa (6 完)

Elephants like water too.

When they have had enough to drink, they usually give themselves a bath, squirting water over their backs with their long trunks like a shower.

Of course, it isn't likely that you'd see all of these creatures together at once.

But if you stayed hidden beside a jungle riverbank long enough, you would eventually see them all ー and many more besides.

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