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Noodle Tales [Noodle Tales]

A Noodle is a silly person.
This story is about a family of noodles and silly things they say and do.
They are Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Sam and Jane and Grandpa.

The Browns Take the Day Off

It was a hot day.
So Mr. Brown took his family to the swimming pool.


Sam and Jane jumped right in.
They raced all the way to the other end of the pool.
Then they raced back.

Grandpa jumped in.
Then he jumped up and down.
Each time he came down he called out,

Mr. Brown bounced up and down on the diving board.

Mrs. Brown sat in the sun and turned red.
“It is very nice here today,” said Jane.

“It will be even nicer on Tuesday,” said the
man with the broom.

“Why?” asked Sam.
“Why?” asked Grandpa.
“Why?” asked Mr. Brown.
“Why?” asked Mrs. Brown.

“On Tuesday,” said the man with the broom, “there will be water in the pool.”

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 ナルニア国物語 物語スタートの第2巻


Noodle Tales ブログトップ