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Sant's workshop (1) [Santa's workshop]

Sant's workshop (1)

Far away up at the North Pole, where the aurora borealis spreads its colored lights across the nighttime sky.

Santa's workshop is bustling with activity.

It is December, and the elves who are Santa's helpers are working overtime to fill all the Christmas orders.

The factory where toys aremadeis going full blast with smoke pouring from every chimney.

bulging sacks of mail are delivered to Santa everyday.

Each letter has a request from a boy or girl somewhere in the world asking for his  or her heart's desire.

And jolly old Santa read them all.


Santa's workshop (2) [Santa's workshop]

Santa's workshop (2)


" Here's one from Molly, " he says, " Hmm she wants a talking, walking doll."   
Santa looks up Molly's name in a big book with the help of one of his elves.

" It's OK, " says the elf.
" Molly's been a pretty good girl all year. "

So Santa puts a big "yes " after her name.

Next Santa picks up a very long letter. It's so long it almost reaches the floor.
" Billy wants just about eveything in the shop, " Santa chuckles.
" Trains, skates, an airplane, a ball, a bat. My, oh, my ! "

But the elf has found Billy's name in the book, and he shakes his head.
" Billy didn't wash his ears, " he announces.

" Too bad, " Santa says, and he writes " soap " after Billy's name. 

Then Santa bustles off to see how things are faring in the workshop.


Santa's workshop (3) [Santa's workshop]

Santa's workshop (3)


Dozens of busy elves sit at long table assembling the toys.
Some saw pieces of wood and carve them into horses. Others fasten rockers onto the legs, glue manes of hair to the necks, and attach reins to the mouths.
Then off the rocking horses go to the paint department for a coat of white or brown or dappled gray.

At one table the dollmakers mold beautiful face.
Artists paint the lips and cheeks and eyes, and wagmakers curl wavy blond hair, which is fitted to each doll's head.

The head is attached to a soft, stuffed body, and tailors sew pretty dresses of pink or green or yellow with ruffled skirts for the dolls to wear.


Santa's workshop (4) [Santa's workshop]

Santa's workshop (4)

As each doll is finished, she is passed on to Santa for a final inspection and one last important detail.

Santa picks up the doll and bends her toward him.
" Say "mama ", " he orders.

" Ma Ma ! " says the doll, and Santa stamps his OK on her.

Rubber balls, sailboats, bicycles, and airplanes pass by Santa, who looks them over carefully. 

Those that he OKs move on down to the loading room.
Those that need fixing are put up on a shelf.

As Santa reaches up to put a broken airplane on the shelf, he accidentally knocks some mechanical toys to the floor.

21 - 1.jpg

Lo and behold !
The toys begin to move.  


Santa's workshop (5) [Santa's workshop]

Santa's workshop (5)

A little toy band strikes up a march, and the tin soldier strut, hup-two- three-four, followed by a parade of toys.

Stuffed animals, dolls, wagons, trucks move along on the floor behind the marching soldiers.

Santa opens his enormous brown bag, and all the toys follow tin soldier, hup-two-three-four, right into the bag.


And now the calendar says December 24, Christmas Eve.

There is no lose, for Santa must start on his long journey delivering toys to all the boys and girls all over the world for Christmas morning.

The big old sledge is brought out of the barn and given a new coat of paint by some of the elves.


They polish the metal runners until they gleam.


Santa's workshop (6 完) [Santa's workshop]

Santa's workshop (6 完)

The reindeer are taken out of their stalls ー Donner and blitzen, Daster and Dancer. Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid: all eight of them must be readied for the important night's work.


Snowflakes are beginning to fall in the courtyard where the groom-elves are brushing the reindeer's coats, polishing their antlers, and shining their hooves.

Everything must be just right for Santa on this night, a night that all have planned and worked so hard for through out the year.

At last the sledge is loaded with the jam-packed sack of toys.
The reindeer are harnessed and eager to be off.

Hundreds od little elves , their labor finished for another year, gather before the factory to see Santa off and wish him a good journey.

Up Santa climbs on his sledge.
He waves good-bye to his cheering workers, anaps his whip as a signal that it's time to be off, and away the reindeer go.


Up, up into the frosty sky they soar, where the smiling moon and Christmas star welcome the jolly old fellow who will bring joy to the children tomorrow.  

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