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Three orphan kittens (1) [Three orphan kittens]

Three orphan kittens (1)

One blustery winter night when the wind howled and the snow blew this way and that, three little kittens were put out in the storm.


Nobody wanted them: they were thrown over a garden wall in a bag and left to make their own way in the world.

The kittens were scared, and they were cold ー almost ready to lie down in the snow and give up.

But after they had managed to crawl out of the bag, the black kitten said, " Look. There's a house. And a window is banging. Maybe it's open a little crack, and we can get inside where it's warm. "


The other kittens followed their brother, and sure enough, tey managed to squeeze through a cellar window  and found themselves in a dark basement.     


Three orphan kittens (2) [Three orphan kittens]

Three orphan kittens (2)

Luckily, cats ー and even kittens ー can see in the dark, and these three saw some stairs and climbed them.

At the top of the stairs there was a door, and when the kittens pushed it ever so slightly with their little pink noses,it opened.

There before them was a large kitchen with a floor so shiny the kittens were started to see their own faces looking up from it.  


But the exciting thing about that kitchen was its smells !
The kittens took a big sniff.

" Somewhere is cooking cherries, " said the gray kitten.
" And butter and sugar, " said her ginger-colored sister whose mouth had begun to water.

Then they saw two big hands open the oven door and take out a scrumptious pie.
They saw the pie placed on a table.
And then two big feet walked out of the kitchen.


Three orphan kittens (3) [Three orphan kittens]

Three orphan kittens (3)

Before you could say one-two-three, the three little kittens had scrambled up to the top of the table and made a delicious mess of the cherry pie.

Next the kittens found a milk bottle and overturned it.
The ginger kitten was licking the neck of  the bottle when  she greedily stuck her head too far into the opening and got stuck.

Meanwhile her sister discovered a peppershaker.
When she slapped it, specks of pepper filled the air, making the three kittens sneeze and sneeze and sneeze.

The ginger kitten finally sneezed her head right out of the milk bottle, but when she did, she fell  to the floor pulling the tablecloth.

Silverware, dishes and all with a terrible crash down to the floor with her.



Three orphan kittens (4) [Three orphan kittens]

Three orphan kittens (4)

frightened kittens streaked out of the kitchen and ran until they came t the nursery.

While the black kitten found a big round ball that rolled away whenever he touched it, his sisters discovered a wonderful yellow-haired doll.

When they pushed her she cried " Ma-ma ! "
That was such fun that the kittens took turns pushing the doll and listening to her say " Ma-ma ! " until finally one of them pushed too hard, and the doll fell down and broke.

Her pretty yellow wig came off and landed on top of the kitten's head, surprising her and her sister.
Who had ever seen a kitten before wit bright yellow curls ?


Meanwhile the black kitten had found something remarkable in another room.
It was a piano, and when he jumped onto its black-and -white keyboard from a nearby table, it made the most beautiful sounds.
Every time he put a little paw down on a key, a different note sounded.



Three orphan kittens (5) [Three orphan kittens]

Three orphan kittens (5)

But when he slapped at one of the keys too hard, he accidentally pushed a button that made the piano play automatically.

Then a roll of paper would round and round, and the black-and-white keys moved up and down, playing a jouncy  melody called " Kitten on the keys. "


Suddenly the piano roll came to an end, its paper flapped loudly, and the three kittens were so startled at the noise that they leaped from the keyboard to a nearby library table.

But the black kitten didn't quite make it.
His sharp little claws caught in the table cover, and with a terrifying crash down went a vase of flowers, a lamp, some books ー and three horrified kittens.

There they cowered, trembling with fright all the wreckage.


They heard the sounds of heavy footsteps.
The heard an angry voice.

Three orphan kittens (6 完) [Three orphan kittens]

Three orphan kittens (6 完)

They felt big hands lift them by the scruff of the neck.

" Don't want any cats around here, " boomed the voice.

The front door was opened, and the kittens were about to be thrown out into the stormy night once again.

They felt the cold wind and snowflakes blowing against their fur , and they shivered ー when suddenly they heard a little girl's voice and saw  little hands and arms reaching for them.


" Oh ! Kittens ! Aren't they cute ? May I have them ? Please !
Oh, thank you ! "

And the next thing they knew those three lucky kittens were tucked snug and warm into a doll's cradle.

The little girl's hands were giving them doll bottles filled with warm milk, and the little girl's voice was crooning a sweet lullaby.

The three orphan kittens had found a home.


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