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The Three Spinners (1) [The Three Spinners]

The Three Spinners (1)

Once upon a time in a small village there lived a poor widow who had one daughter.

The mother worked from morning until night while the lazy girl only sat dreaming.
She never did any spinning.

One day her mother became so angry.
She slapped her daughter.
" Be the good girl you always have to be ! "

“Don't hit me," she whimpered, " let it go."
The girl cried very loudly.

The Queen was passing by in her carriage, and heard her crying. 

She ordered the carriage to stop.
Then she went into the house to ask the widow what was the matter.

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赤ずきんちゃんが終わってしまいまして寂しいので、ショートストーリーを、おひとつ、つけ加えさせていただきました。ところどころ、Let it go の歌詞入り。

The Three Spinners (2) [The Three Spinners]

The Three Spinners (2)

The mother did not want the Queen to know that her daughter was lazy, so she said:
" My child spins so quickly that I cannot buy enough flax for her. The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside. "

" Let your daughter come with me, " said the Queen.
" There is plenty of flax in the palace."

The mother said, " I'm afraid she is not a perfect girl. "

The daughter said to her mother.
" It's time to see what I can do. I'm never going back. The past is in the past. You'll never see me cry."

おわび。 The past is in the past です。is が抜けていました。 

The Three Spinners (3) [The Three Spinners]

The Three Spinners (3)

The Queen took the girl into a large room.
It was full of flax.

" You must spin all this flax, " said the Queen.
" When you have finished, you may marry my son ! I like people who work hard. "

When the Queen had gone, the girl sat down and wept bitterly.
She would never be able to spin all this flax.
Not even in a hundred years.

She kept on crying for three days without doing a stroke of work.

On the fourth day the Queen came in.

She was very surprised to see that the girl had done no work.

The girl dare not tell her the truth.
" Don't let the Queen know. "she thought.
She said, " I am homesick, and have cried all the time. "

The Queen believed her, and said, " Heaven knows you tried. Here you stand in the light of day. Tomorrow you must begin spinning, dear child. "


The Three Spinners (4) [The Three Spinners]

The Three Spinners (4)

Sadly the girl looked out of the window.

There she saw three old women.
The first had a long thumb.
The second had a large flat foot.
And the third a hanging lip.

" We will help you, " they said.
" It looks like you're the next Queen. If you will invite us to your wedding, and call us your aunts, we will spin all the flax for you. Plenty of flax never bother us anyway."

The girl promised this.

And very soon the three old women had spun all the flax into beautiful thread.

The Queen was delighted when she saw how hard the girl had worked.
At once she made plans for the wedding feast.

" I'm glad my son will have such a hardworking wife, " she said.


The Three Spinners (5 完) [The Three Spinners]

The Three Spinners (5 完)

On the wedding day the prince was happy.
The girl was so pretty.

" I have one wish, " said the bride.
" I have invited my three old aunts to the wedding whom I should like you to meet. "

And she took him to meet the three ugly old women.

The prince looked at them in astonishment.
" How did you get such a large foot, ad that long thumb, and that horrible hanging lip ? " he asked.

" From spinning all day, " they replied.
" From licking the flax, from twining the thread and threading the wheel. "

The prince was horrified !
" Never again in your life must you touch a spinning-wheel, " he told his young wife.

The bride was so happy.
" I am one with the prince and the sky. Here I stand, here I'll stay."
She kissed him and she kissed the three old women.

Never again was she asked to do any spinning.

(5/5 完)  

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