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Heidi A day on the ALM (1) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (1)

Early in the morning, Heidi was awakened by a loud whistle.

As she opened her eyes, a gleam of sunshine came through the little widow on to her bed and shone on the hay nearby so that everything was bathed in golden light.

Heidi looked puzzled and tried to think where she was.

Then, from outside, she heard the grandfather's deep, quite voice and she remembered that she was up on the ALM.

She no longer lived with old Ursel  who was almost stone deaf and always wanted to have Heidi by her side, so that sometimes the child had felt like a prisoner and would have liked to run away.

So she was very glad when she awoke and found herself in her new home.

She remembered all the exciting things she had seen the previous day and wondered what this new day had in store for her.

Above all she look forward to seeing the goats, Little Swan and Little Bear again.

Quickly she jumped out of bed and in a few minutes had dressed herself.

Then she climbed down the steps and run out to the front of the cottage.
Heidi (Johanna Spyri) の物語のなかから、ALM で過ごした日々の一コマを抜き出したものです。 

Heidi A day on the ALM (2) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (2)

Peter, the goat-herd, was already there with his flock and the grandfather was leading out Little Swan and Little Bear to join them.

Heidi ran forward to say good morning to him and the goats.

" How would you like to go with them to the pasture ? " asked the grandfather.

Heidi was overjoyed.
That was the thing she would like best of all.

" But first you must wash yourself or the sun, shining brightly up there, will laugh at you when he looks down and sees how dirty you are ! See !  This is where you wash. "
(※or the sun→will laugh~ when ~)

The grandfather pointed towards a big flat tub filled with water which stood in the sun before the cottage door.

Heidi jumped towards it and splashed and scrubbed until she was perfectly clean.

In the meantime, the grandfather were into the cottage, calling to Peter, " Come here, goat-general, and bring your rucksack ! "

Amazed, Peter answered the call and laid down the rucksack in which he carried his meager lunch.

" Open it ! " ordered the old man, and then put in a big piece of bread and an equally big piece of cheese.

Peter opened his round eyes very wide for this food was twice as much as he had for his own lunch.


Heidi A day on the ALM (3) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (3)

" And now the little bowl has to o in, " the old man continued.
" At lunch-time you will milk for her two little bowlfuls, for she is going, too, and can stay with you until you come back in the evening. Take care she doesn't fall over the precipice ! "

Now Heidi came running towards them.
" Grandfather, the sun can't laugh at me now ! "

For fear of the sun's mockery she had rubbed her face, neck and arms so vigorously with the rough cloth which the grandfather had hung up beside the water-tub, that she was almost as red as a lobster.

The old man smiled.
" No, he has no reason to laugh now, " he agreed.
" But do you know what happens when you come home in the evening ? You go right into the tub like a fish because if you run like the goats your feet will get dirty. Now, off you go ! "

Happily the children climbed up the Alm.


Heidi A day on the ALM (4) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (4)

The high winds during the night had blown away the last little cloud and now the sky was a vast expanse of deep blue out of which the sun shone and glittered on the green slopes.

The little blue and yellow mountain flowers opened their cups and seemed to nod merrily at Heidi who romped everywhere.

Enchanted by this sparkling, waving sea of flowers, she forgot all about Peter, even about the goats.

All along the way she picked flowers until she had a big bunch which she wrapped in her pinafore, for she wanted to take them home.

Peter was quite dazed trying to look in every direction at once, for the goats, like Heidi, were jumping from one place to another.
He had to whistle and shout and brandish his sticks to bring the goats together again.

" Where are you now, Heidi ? " came the boy's exasperated and rather angry cry.

" Here ! " came the reply, but Peter could see no one.

Heidi was sitting, hidden from view, behind a little hillock.

" Come here ! " Peter called again.
" You are not to go near the precipice the uncle said so ! " 

" Where is that ? " asked Heidi, still not moving from her hiding-place.

" Up there ! Right on the top the old eagle sits on the look-out for his prey. "

That did the tricks.

At once Heidi jumped up and ran to Peter with her apronful of flowers.


Heidi A day on the ALM (5) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (5)

" That is enough flower-picking for now, " he said as they climbed up together, " if you are going to keep pace with me. And if you pick all the flowers to-day there will be none felt for to-morrow. "

Heidi was convinced.
Moreover, her pinafore was so full that it could hardly hold another.

So she now walked quietly beside Peter.

The pasture which Peter usually chose and where he spent the day was situated at the foot of the high rocks.

Bushes and fir trees covered the lower parts but nearer the summit the rocks rose bare and rugged towards the sky.

On the side of the mountain, jagged clefts stretched far down and the grandfather had been right to warn Peter of the danger.

When they had reached the pasture, Peter carefully put his rucksack into a little hollow in the ground, for the wind often blew with great violence across this part of the country and Peter did not want to see his precious possessions rolling down the mountainside.

Then the boy, tired after the strenuous climb, stretched himself out at full length on the sunny pasture.


Heidi A day on the ALM (6) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (6)

Heidi, by this time, had undone her pinafore and rolled it neatly round the flowers which she laid beside Peter's rucksack in the hollow.

Then she sit down beside him and looked around.

The valley lay far below, bathed in the sparkling morning sunshine.

In front of Heidi a big, broad snowfield rose up to the dark blue sky and on the left stood a huge pile of rocks above which a bare rocky peak reached towards the sky, towering majestically above the child.

Heidi sat motionless.

A great silence was all around and only the delicate blue harebells and yellow cistus swayed softly in the gentle breeze, nodding joyfully on their slender little stems.

Peter had fallen asleep and the goats were climbing high up amongst the bushes.

Heidi had never been so happy.
The golden sun-light, the fresh breezes and the delicate perfume of the flowers filled her with delight and she only wished that she might stay there for ever. 


Heidi A day on the ALM (7) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (7)

She gazed so long at the mountains that it seemed to her that each had a face and that these mountain-faces were familiar to her as old friends.

Suddenly Heidi heard a loud, harsh cry and when she looked up she saw, circling overhead, a huge bird, larger than she had ever seen before.

His wings were outspread and he flew in a wide circle, coming back again and again and uttering loud, piercing shrieks above Heidi's head.

" Peter ! Peter ! Wake up ! " cried Heidi.
" Look ! There is a big bird just above us ! "

Peter got up and watched the bird, too, as it rose higher and at last disappeared behind the grey rocks.

" where has he gone to ? " asked Heidi who had been watching the bird with keen interest.

" Home to his nest, " replied Peter.

" is his home up there ? Oh, how nice to live so high up ! How terribly he cries ! Let's climb up there and see where his nest is ! "


英語版ではないのですが、今回連載しています、ハイジのアルムALMでの日々が最初に出てきます。二頭のgoat も。

Heidi A day on the ALM (8) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (8)

" Oh, no ! " replied Peter emphatically.
" Even the goats can't climb so high and the uncle said you were not to climb the rocks. "

Suddenly Peter started to whistle and call loudly.

Heidi could not think what this meant, but the goats apparently understood, for, one after another, they came springing down until they were all gathered together on the green slope.

Some continued to nibble and others ran about, playfully pushing each other with their hones.

Heidi jumped up and ran amongst them.

While she played with the goats Peter fetched the rucksack and laid out the four pieces of bread on the ground, the big one on Heidi's side and the small ones on his own.

Then he took the little bowl, drew some milk into it from Little Swan and placed it in the centre.

" Stop skipping now ! It is time to eat, " he said.

Heidi sat down.
" Is the milk for me ? " she asked.


Heidi A day on the ALM (9) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (9)

" Yes, " replied Peter, " and the two big pieces of bread and cheese are yours too, and when you have finished you get another bowlful from Little Swan. "

Heidi began to drink her milk and as soon as she put down her empty bowl Peter filled it again.

Then Heidi gave a big piece of her bread to Peter and all the cheese as well, saying, " You can have it all. I have had enough. "

Peter gazed at her, speechless with surprise.
Never in his life could he have given away as much at that.

He hesitated a little, for he could not believe that Heidi meant it seriously.

She held out the pieces, but as Peter still did not take them she laid the food on his knees.

Peter had never before had such a satisfying lunch.

The animals had begun to climb up again towards the bushes; some skipping gaily over everything, others stopping to taste the tender herbs.


Heidi A day on the ALM (10) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (10)

" Peter, " Heidi said presently, " the prettiest of all are Little Swan and Little Bear. "

" I know, " Peter replied.
" The uncle brushes and washes them, and gives them salt, and has the nicest shed. "

Suddenly Peter jumped up and bounded after the goats.
Heidi followed.

Something must have happened and simply could not stay behind.

Peter forced his way through the middle of the herd to that side of the Alm where the bare and jagged rocks fell away steeply.

Here, a heedless little goat might easily tumble down and break his leg.

Peter had noticed inquisitive little Goldfinch jumping in that direction.

The boy arrived just in time, for the little goat was just about to jump towards the edge of the precipice.

Peter, lunging towards the goat fell down and only managed to seize one of its legs as he fell.


Heidi A day on the ALM (11) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (11)

Goldfinch gave an angry cry at finding herself caught  and tried desperately to free herself.

18 - 1.jpg

Peter could not get up and shouted for Heidi to help because he was afraid  Goldfinch might wrench her leg.

Heidi was already there and at once saw a danger.
She quickly gathered some sweet-smelling plants from the ground and held them out towards Goldfinch, saying coaxingly, " Come along, Goldfinch, and be good !  Look !  You might fall down and hurt yourself. "

The little goat turned quickly and ate the herbs from Heidi's outstretched hand.

In the meantime Peter got to his feet again and held Goldfinch by the cord with which her little bell was fastened to her neck.

Heidi grasped the goat in the same way at the other side of its head and together they led the truant back to the peacefully grazing flock.

As soon as Peter got her back to safety, he raised his stick and started to give her a good beating.


Heidi A day on the ALM (12) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (12)

Goldfinch, however, knowing what was in store, timidly shrank back, and Heidi cried, " No, peter !  No !  You mustn't beat her ! Look how frightened she is ! "


" She deserves it, " Peter muttered, about to strike; but Heidi threw herself against his arm, crying indignantly, " Don't touch her ! You will hurt her ! Leave her alone ! "

Peter turned surprised eyes on the fierce little girl and his stick dropped to his side.
" All right, then I'll let her off ー if you give me some of your cheese to-morrow again, " he bargained.

" You can have it all, to-morrow and every day. I don't want it, " Heidi consented.
" And I'll give you the bread, too, the same as to-day, but you must promise never to beat Goldfinch or Snowflake, or any of the goats. "

" Suits me, " said Peter, and that was as good as a promise.
He let Goldfinch go and the little goat leaped joyously towards the herd.


Heidi A day on the ALM (13) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (13)

So the day passed quickly and the sun began to sink behind the mountains.

Heidi was sitting quietly on the ground, gazing at the cistus and the harebells which glistened in the evening sunshine; rocks and grass shimmered in a golden glow. 


Suddenly she jumped up and cried,
" Peter ! Peter ! They are on fire ! They are all on fire ! All the mountains are burning ! And the great snow mountain also, and the sky ! Oh, look at the lovely fiery snow ! Peter, get up and look ! The fire is at the great bird's nest, too. Look at the rocks and the fire trees ! Everything is on fire. "


Heidi A day on the ALM (14) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (14)

" It is always like that, " replied Peter with great unconcern, " but it is not real fire. "

" What is it, then ? " asked Heidi, gazing eagerly around.
" What is it, Peter ? "

" It just get like that, " Peter tried to explain.

" Oh, look, Peter ! " cried Heidi again in great excitement.
" Everything is turning a rosy pink colour. Look at the snow and the high rocks ! What are their names, Peter ? "

" Mountain don't have names, " replied Peter.

" Oh, how beautiful ! Crimson snow ! Oh, now all the rocks are turning grey ー now the colour is all gone. Now it is all over, Peter. "

Heidi sat down, looking as distressed as if everything really had come to an end.


Heidi A day on the ALM (15) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (15)

" To-morrow it will be the same, " said Peter.
" Get up now. We must go home. "

" Will it be like this every day we are on the pasture ? " asked Heidi insistently, as she walked down the Alm at Peter's side.

" Mostly, " he replied.

Heidi was very happy.
She had absorbed so many new impressions ー had so many new things to think about that she was quite silent until they reached the hut and saw the grandfather sitting on the bench under the fir trees.

Here he sat in the evenings, waiting for his goats.


Heidi A day on the ALM (16) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (16)

Heidi ran up to him, followed by Little Swan and Little Bear, for the goats knew their master.

" Good night ! " Peter called after Heidi , and then added, " Come again, to-morrow ! " because he was very anxious for her to go with him.

Heidi raced towards the old man.

" Oh, grandfather, it was wonderful ! " she cried long before she reached him.
" The fire on the snow and the rocks and the blue and yellow flowers, and look what I have brought for you ! "

Heidi unfolded her pinafore and all the flowers fell at the grandfather's feet.

But what a sight the poor flowers were !


Heidi A day on the ALM (17) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (17)

Heidi did not recognise them.
※recognise(英) recognize(米)

They were like withered grass and not a single little cup was open.

" Grandfather, what is the matter with the flowers ? " cried Heidi, quite alarmed.
" They weren't like that before. What is wrong with them ? "

" They were rather be out in the sun than tied up in a pinafore, " explained the grandfather.

" Then I will never gather any more. But Grandfather, why did the eagle screech so ? " Heidi asked.

" You had better have your bath now, " said the Grandfather, " and I shall fetch some milk from the shed. Afterwards, when we are having our supper you can tell me about everything. "


Heidi A day on the ALM (18) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (18)

Later, when Heidi sat in her high chair, the little bowl of milk in front of her and the grandfather at her side, she again asked her question.

" Why did the great bird scream at us, Grandfather ? "

" He screams in mockery of the people in the villages in the valley where they sit gossiping together.
He wants to say, " If you would all mind your own business or climb up into the heights like me you would be much happier ! "

The grandfather spoke these words with such vehemence that Heidi seemed to hear again the croaking of the great bird.

" Why don't the mountains have names Grandfather ? " asked Heidi again.


Heidi A day on the ALM (19) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (19)

" They have names, " he answered, " and if you can describe one to me so that I can recognise it, then I will tell you its name. "

Heidi tried to describe the rocky mountain with the two high peaks exactly as she had seen it.

Presently Grandfather interrupted, " Yes, I know that one. Its name is Falknis. Did you notice any others ? "

Then Heidi recalled the mountain with the large snowfield which looked at first as if it were on fire and then turned rose-coloured, then pale pink, and at last faded back to its own grey colour. 

I know that one, too, " said the Grandfather.
"That is the Scesaplana. Did you like being on the pasture ? "


Heidi A day on the ALM (20 完) [Heidi (on the ALM)]

Heidi   A day on the ALM (20 完)

Now Heidi told him everything: how wonderful it had been and particularly about the fire in the evening.

Heidi wanted the grandfather to explain why this had happened, since Peter had been unable to do so.

" You see, " the grandfather instructed her, " that's what the sun does when he say good night to the mountains. He throws his most beautiful  rays over them so that they won't forget him before morning. "

Heidi was delighted.
She could hardly wait the next day when she would again be allowed to go to the pasture, to watch how the sun said good night to the mountains.

But first she had to go to bed, and how soundly she slept all night on her hay bed and dreamt of nothing but glistening mountains tinged with red, and Little Snowflake running happily about !

(20/20 完 Heidi の物語はもちろん続きますが)

Heidi (on the ALM) ブログトップ