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Jack and the King's daughter (1) [Jack and KIng's daughter]

Jack and the King's daughter (1)

The father of a young lad called Jack died, leaving Jack and his mother penniless, so Jack had to go work.

He knew that he was no use at home.

One day
 he set off to seek his fortune.

After traveling far on the first day, Jack came to a house near a wood.
The people of the house offered him food and a bed for the night.

The man of house asked Jack if he needed work.

Jack replied that he did.

" I have a herd of cattle that needs minding, " said the man.
※herd of the cattle 牛の群れ 
※mind 世話をする

" But do not go into the field with the fruit trees. A giant lives in that field and he will surely gobble you up if you go there. He may even carry off my cattle to eat. "

Jack went to the field to mind the cattle, and he had not been there long when he started to admire the fruit on the trees in the neighboring field.

There were red apples and ripe pears, as well as other fruit that Jack did not know.


Jack and the King's daughter (2) [Jack and KIng's daughter]

Jack and the King's daughter (2)

No one seemed to be about, so Jack thought he would risk a dash into a giant's field for some fruit.

As Jack picked some of the fruit, an old woman passed along the lane by the edge of the field.
She was admiring the fruit, and asked Jack to pick some for her.

Looking around him to make sure the giant was not coming, Jack agreed, and soon they both had some fine, succulent fruit to eat.

" I will give you something useful in return for your favor, " the old woman said to Jack.
" Here are three stout rods and a sword. Whoever you stab with this sword, they will fall down dead. You need never fear your enemies. "

Jack thanked the old woman, for he had been worried about the giant, and wondered whether it stride over the hedge into his field and take his revenge for the stolen fruit.


Jack and the King's daughter (3) [Jack and KIng's daughter]

Jack and the King's daughter (3)

On the third da, another giant appeared.

Jack hid in the hollow of a tree, and heard the creature saying he must eat one of Jack's  beast.

" Ask me first, " shouted Jack from inside the hollow tree.

" Is it you, who killed my two brothers ? " roared the giant.
" I shall take my revenge. "

But as the giant drew near the tree, jack leaped out and stabbed him.
The last of the giants was dead.

When he had got his breath back, Jack decided to go to the giant's castle to see what riches might be hidden there.

When he arrived, he told the giant's steward that he had conquered the giants, and, amazed at jack's strength, he gave the lad the keys to the castle treasuries.

Jack took some of the money then traveled back home.


Jack and the King's daughter (4) [Jack and KIng's daughter]

Jack and the King's daughter (4)

Jack's country was in turmoil when he arrived.

People told him that a fire-breathing monster had arrived and had demanded one young boy or girl to eat every day.

Tomorrow, it was the turn of the King's daughter.

Jack put on his armor, took his faithful sword and went to see King's daughter.

He told her that he had come to save her, and asked if she would marry him if he was successful.

She agreed, and Jack fell at her feet.

He was soon asleep with his head in the princess's lap and the princess wove a good-luck charm of white stones in his hair.

Suddenly, the monster crashed into the room.


Jack and the King's daughter (5) [Jack and KIng's daughter]

Jack and the King's daughter (5)

Jack woke up and in one movement he jumped up and drew his sword.
He aimed many blows at the monster, but he could not wound the beast because of the fire that came spurting from the creature's mouth.

They carried on like this for some time, Jack waving his sword and the beast spitting fire, until the monster began to tire and slunk away.

The next day, the beast returned.

The same thing happened and the monster again grew tired and this time flapped its wings and flew away.

On the third day, Jack made a camel drink several barrels of water.


Jack and the King's daughter (6) [Jack and KIng's daughter]

Jack and the King's daughter (6)

When the dragon appeared, Jack made a camel spit out its water to put out the fire.

Then Jack went in for the kill, stabbing the beast.

The princess, and all her people, were saved.

Jack and the princess were betrothed, and Jack went away for some more adventures.

After nine months, the princess had a baby, but no one knew who was the father.

The king was angry with his daughter, but they went to see a fairy, who might give them the answer.

The fairy placed a lemon in the child's head and said, " Only the child's father will be able to remove this fruit. "


Jack and the King's daughter (7) [Jack and KIng's daughter]

Jack and the King's daughter (7)

The king then called all the men in his kingdom to the palace and each one tried to take away the lemon.

But no matter how hard they tried, the fruit would not come away from the baby's head.

Finally, Jack appeared, and as soon as he touched the baby, the lemon came away.

The king was angry with Jack and his daughter, and wanted them to leave the palace.

He put them in rags, set them in a rotten boat and cast them out to sea.

The couple thought that their boat was about to sink when a lady appeared.


Jack and the King's daughter (8 完) [Jack and KIng's daughter]

Jack and the King's daughter (8  完)

" I was the fairy who gave the Jack his sword, and protected the princess from the breath of the beast, " she said.

" I will help you, " she repaired the boat, gave them fine robes, and so they returned to the palace.

Jack explained to the king who he was.
" I saved your daughter from the monster, " said Jack.

Then Jack produced the king's gold cup and head of the monster.

The princess showed him the ringlet of stones in Jack's hair.

Convinced of the truth, the King allowed the couple to marry.

They lived in great happiness, and eventually, Jack became king.

(8/8 完)

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