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The Humble-Bee (1) [The Humble-Bee]

The Humble-Bee (1)

Two young men were out walking one summer's day and stopped by a stream next to an old ruined house.

They noticed how the stream turned into a miniature waterfall crossed by narrow blades of grass.

They sat down by the stream and soon one was fast asleep, and the other sat watching the view.

Suddenly, a creature, the size of a humble-bee, flew out of the sleeper's mouth.

It walked over grass stalks to cross the stream and then disappeared into the ruin through one of the cracks in the wall.


The Humble-Bee (2) [The Humble-Bee]

The Humble-Bee (2)

The man who saw all this was shocked and went to shake his companion awake.

Then he saw the tiny creature emerge from the ruin, fly across the stream and re-enter the sleeper's mouth , just as the young man was waking.

" What's the matter ? Are you ill, " asked the watcher.

" I am well, " replied the sleeper.
" You have just interrupted the most wonderful dream, and I wish you had not woken me with your shaking.
I dreamed that I walked through a grassy plain to a wide river. I wanted to see what was on the other side, and I found a silver bridge near a great waterfall. "


The Humble-Bee (3 完) [The Humble-Bee]

The Humble-Bee (3 完)

" I walked over the bridge and on the far bank was a beautiful palace built of stone.

The chambers of the palace contained great mounds of gold and jewels.
I was looking at all these fine things, wondering at the wealth of the person who left them there, and deciding which to bring away with me.
Then suddenly you woke me, and I could bring away none of the riches. "

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