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The Tale of Ivan (1) [The Tale of Ivan]

The Tale of Ivan (1)

Ivan was a poor man who had no work.
So one day he left his wife to look for a job.

After a while he came to a farm and the farmer agreed to take Ivan on and give him lodgings.

Ivan worked for a year, then the master said, " Ivan, you have worked well this year and now you must be paid. Will you take money or advice ? "

" I prefer to have my wages in money, " said Ivan.

" I would prefer to give you advice, " said the master.
" Never leave the old road for the new one. "

Ivan worked for his master another year.


The Tale of Ivan (2) [The Tale of Ivan]

The Tale of Ivan (2)

At the end of the second year, the same thing happened.

The master told Ivan, " Never lodge where an old man is married to a young man. "

After a third year, Ivan had a third piece of advice, " Honesty is the best policy. "

By now, Ivan saw that he would get no money, so he decided to return to his wife.
He thought to himself, "Maybe there would be work nearer home."
He told the master he would return to home. 

" Very well, " said the master.
" I will give you a cake to eat on your journey. "

Ivan set off and soon met a group of merchants who were returning same hometown from a fair.

He got on well with the merchants, but when they came to a fork in the road, the man wanted to travel along the shorter, straighter, new road.

Ivan remembered his master's first piece of advice.


The Tale of Ivan (3) [The Tale of Ivan]

The Tale of Ivan (3)

" I prefer the old road, " said Ivan, and they parted company.

Before long, the merchants were set upon by robbers.
Ivan could see what was happening from the old road and he bellowed
 " Robbers ! Stop thief ! "

When the robbers heard this, they ran off, and the merchants kept hold of their money.

Eventually, the two roads joined again near a market town, and Ivan met the merchants once more.
They thanked him for saving them from the robbers and offered to pay for a night's lodgings.

" I'll see the host first, " said Ivan, and he found out that inn was run by an old man with a young wife.

Remembering his master's advice, he said " I'll not lodge here, I will stay next door. "


The Tale of Ivan (4) [The Tale of Ivan]

The Tale of Ivan (4)

The young wife of the old landlord was plotting with a young monk to kill her husband and take over the inn.

If they did the crime that night they could blame the merchants, the only guests and so they prepared to carry out the wicked plan.

But they did not know that Ivan, getting ready to go to bed in his room next door, could hear through the wall.

There was a missing pine knot in the wall and Ivan looked through and saw them talking.

Suddenly, the young woman saw the hole in the wall.
" Block that hole, " she said, "someone may see."

So the monk stood against the hole while the wicked woman stabbed her husband to death.

Ivan took his knife and cut a piece of the monk's habit while he stood against the hole.


The Tale of Ivan (5) [The Tale of Ivan]

The Tale of Ivan (5)

Next morning, the crime was discovered.

" It must have been that gang of wicked merchants staying at the inn, " the wife cried.

And so the merchants were arrested and marched off to prison, and Ivan saw them pass.

" Woe at us, Ivan ! " they cried>
" we are taken for this murder, but we are all innocent. "

" I will find the real murderers, " called Ivan.
" If I cannot bring them to justice let them hang me for the murder. "

So Ivan went to the justices and told them all he had heard.

At first, the justices did not believe him, but he showed them the piece of cloths he had cut from the monk's robe, and the young wife and the monk were arrested.

The merchants were released, thanked Ivan, and went on their way.


The Tale of Ivan (6) [The Tale of Ivan]

The Tale of Ivan (6)

When Ivan got home to his wife she ran to greet him.

" You come in the nick of time, " she said.
" I have just found a fine purse of gold. It has no name on it, but it must belong to the lord of the manor. "

Ivan remembered the third piece of advice and said, " Honesty is the best policy. "

They went to the lord's castle and left the purse with the servant at the gatehouse.

One day when the lord passed Ivan's house, his wife mentioned the purse to him.

" I know of no purse returned to me, " said the lord, in puzzlement.
" Surely my servant must have kept it for himself. " 

So he sought out the servant.
When the servant saw that he was found out he gave up the purse.

The lord frowned at his wicked servant.
" I have no use for dishonesty. Be gone, " he ordered.


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The Tale of Ivan (7 完) [The Tale of Ivan]

The Tale of Ivan (7 完)

Then the lord asked Ivan.
" Will you be my servant in his place ? "

" Thank you, " said Ivan.

He and his wife were given fine new quarters in the castle.

When they were moving in, Ivan remembered the cake his old master had given him.

They cut themselves a piece, and out fell three gold coins, Ivan's wages for his work for his old master.

" Truly, honesty is the best policy, " laughed Ivan.

And his wife agreed.

(7/7 完)

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